Okay, granted it’s kind of a smallish book not a comics periodical…but at 64 pages and $6.99, the latest issue of LEGO® NINJAGO isn’t really a full-on trade paperback either. Thus its announced 425,000 copy first printing does put it in kind of a “tween” land as far as sales figures go. And yes it is a licensed product. but anyway you slice it 425K is a LOT of copies—and as the attached pr mentions, it’s only up from 200K printings on earlier issues. Because, well, you know, kids love comics, ninjas…and Legos.

Papercutz announced an unprecedented 425,000-copy first printing of LEGO® NINJAGO #4: “Tomb of the Fangpyre” today, in response to record sales and continued interest from LEGO fans of all ages. The second and third volumes of the series launched at #1 on the New York Times Best-Seller list, a rarity for children’s graphic novels. The book will be available on August 21, 2012.

“Demand for these titles has only gone up since our nearly 200,000-copy initial printing of the first book sold out, and we can’t be happier as the best stories are yet to come!” said Papercutz Publisher Terry Nantier. “‘Tomb of the Fangpyre’ will be the first to feature Jolyon Yates’s amazing artwork — we can’t wait for LEGO Ninjago fans to see it.”

Yates will be a special guest of Papercutz at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, where he will be drawing free sketches for fans at Booth #2546 on Sunday morning from 10:00 to 11:00. A show-exclusive print from Yates will also be available as a free gift with purchase, limited to the first 1,000 attendees.

“I’m glad we’ll be able to have something unique for LEGO fans at the show, and I hope they will enjoy the print, which pays tribute to a martial arts classic,” Yates said. “It was a fun challenge to follow on the artwork by Paulo Henrique and learn how to draw the LEGO Ninjago world, and I’m looking forward to meeting our readers!”

LEGO NINJAGO #4: “Tomb of the Fangpyre” (64pp | Paperback ISBN: 9781597073318 / $6.99 | Hardcover ISBN: 9781597073325 / $10.99) is written by the LEGO Group’s story architect Greg Farshtey (BIONICLE) and illustrated by Jolyon Yates (Revvvelations). Papercutz graphic novels are available at all major retailers, bookstores, comic book stores, and digitally on


  1. With respect, who cares how many are going to comic specialty shops? I don’t say that to mean I don’t care that comic shops do well – because I DO CARE very much. But if a comics publisher has success with a franchise – especially success with young readers – at this level, that’s noteworthy in and of itself whether the comics are sold in the DM, at Target, online or elsewhere.

  2. You’re right Kiel, but I don’t think that will amount to much. I am not referring to Mr. Jacoby, whom I do not know, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve found myself in the where-are-all-the-new-readers debate and have tried to point out the great successes in kids comics only to be ignored. Its all about the Big Two and the direct market.

    (Actually, I’m 49 and I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten into this with people half my age–‘new’ readers themselves!)

  3. @Brian — We’re really happy with the Direct Market support for all our books (especially The Smurfs), and Ninjago is right up there, as well. One store recently ran a Ninjago contest and sold 32 copies in one day! It’s definitely not our biggest sales channel but it’s one we need to grow.

    Not sure how the books are doing at Secret Headquarters, but drop me or Tony Shenton a line if you need any promo materials!

  4. Oh, and I’m not sure there are any non-big-media-property books in the best-seller charts aside from Walking Dead, right? It looks to me like a mix of Marvel/DC superheroes, Avatar, Ninjago, and Walking Dead.

  5. It’s always great to see newstories like this, even if they always leave me wondering why these new readers very rarely grow up to read other comics on a regular basis.