Art by Joe Hunter


Via Millarworld—in case you have been sleeping and missed Grant Morrison’s thoughts on Alan Moore. We don’t know the credits for this, This is by Joe Hunter from Ghost Bucket and it’s pretty awesome.

BTW, as befits a story about two magicians, if you are wondering why we published this blockbuster story on a Saturday holiday evening (about the worst possible time for traffic). It was actually scheduled for Sunday morning…but the minute we hit post it reverted to the old time and our modem literally went bonkers, preventing fixing it before everyone had started linking and reading.


And just in case you missed any of the previous episodes, here they are:

Alan Moore and Superfolks Part 1: The Case for the Prosecution

Alan Moore and Superfolks Part 2: The Case for the Defence

Alan Moore and Superfolks Part 3: The Strange Case of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore

The Strange Case of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, As Told By Grant Morrison

Many thanks to Pádraig Ó Méalóid and Laura Sneddon for their excellent work on this series—both of them have more stuff in the pipeline for the Beat and some of it is going to be equally explosive.


  1. Not for nothing, but google has a feature that lets you search using the actual image now, so there’s really no excuse to not have found a credit for it, ‘specially from a notable site like you chaps.

  2. It’s funny how you credit the message boards where you stumbled across someone re-posting that comic instead of taking the time to find out who actually made it.

  3. This was an excellent series! I really enjoyed both pieces and I’m very much looking forward to more from Ms. Sneddon, who I was not familiar with before reading her piece.

  4. I am very very happy to give Joe Hunter credit where it is due, and to be educated about his fine comics.

    He should also perhaps consider signing or putting a “ghostbucket.com” slug on his work so more people can find it.

    As I noted in the piece I did not know who did it but thought it was great. My intention was always to give credit as soon as it was known, and I think that’s pretty obvious.

    Sadly I see amazing art on the web everyday without an idea of who did it. I am always thrilled to give credit and explore new artists who I was unfamiliar with. I happily accept submissions at comicsbeat at gmail.com as well.

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