Ed McGuinness delivers a fight between Wolverine and the Nightcrawler from Age of Apocalypse in this new teaser image from Marvel, which seems to be suggesting at the next storyline for Wolverine & The X-Men. Or an upcoming crossover. Or that something magical has happened.

One of these things. Read on for speculation as to which!

This spins out of the current storyline in Uncanny X-Force, called ‘The Final Execution’. In the story, AoA’s Nightcrawler has teamed with X-Force to fight several other people from his dimension – including an evil version of Iceman, and the AoA Blob. I won’t spoil where the story is heading, other than to say that it would line up rather well with the current storylines in Wolverine & The X-Men, especially in the way both books are handling Mystique. The first guess for X-Termination — a storyline in Wolverine & The X-Men.

Second guess for X-Termination? A crossover storyline. Age of Apocalypse is a book which has been living under the radar but on top of favourable reviews from critics. This could well be a story taking the Age of Apocalypse characters and butting them up against the regular’ Marvel characters, to boost the series. Marvel have a history of this with the X-Books, with stories like Messiah War being a recent-ish example.

Final guess? The X-Terminators are coming back.

Oh please oh please, Marvel, I love them so!


  1. Kinda related… but it was a sad day when the original Nightcrawler died :'( If they’d shelved him rather than killed him, Marvel could’ve put him in the Wolv/X-Men book. He’d have been wonderful there. This AoA version is an abomination.

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