comic_by_comixology_logo_white_letters.pngComiXology has released a statement on their #1 ranking in the iPad app grossing list, as well as the fact that they have made available over 2 billion comics pages. Also to correct an earlier factoid, last year ComiXology was the #10 top grossing app on the iPad, not #11.

ComiXology – the revolutionary digital comics platform available across the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web – announced today that the Comics by comiXology iOS app charted as iTunes’ #3 Top Grossing iPad App of 2012 and is the only app repeated in the top ten in both 2011 and 2012, showing remarkable power in the fickle world of apps by moving from #10 to #3.

ComiXology also revealed today that they have served over 2 billion pages of comics since the inception of the platform just three short years ago.

“We started comiXology because we believe that – with a great digital experience – graphic novels and comic books will be much more widely enjoyed,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “Actually climbing the top ten year-over-year – and the only app to do that, no less – speaks volumes to the quality of work both the comiXology team and our amazing publishers and creators have done this year. We’re not anywhere near done yet but we’re clearly off to a good start.”

“This is a spectacular way to end what has been a spectacular year,” said comiXology co-founder John D. Roberts. “It’s clear that people want to buy where they want and read what they want, and only comiXology delivers this amount of amazing content with a consistent shopping and amazing reading experience on every major platform.”

2012 marked a year of records for comiXology, including both the 50 millionth and 100 millionth downloaded comic from comiXology, and many additions to the comiXology store, including many graphic novels and collections, from literary fiction to biographies, science and superheroes. It also marked the addition of Windows 8 to the buy once, read anywhere platform.

ComiXology’s top ranking digital comics platform has over 30,000 comics and graphic novels to read from over 75 of today’s hottest publishers, comiXology offers the widest selection of digital comics anywhere. ComiXology’s availability on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web makes it the best digital comics platform for newly interested, current and lapsed comic and graphic novel fans.


  1. [sarcasm]
    Oh, but what am I going to do when Comixology goes out of business and I lose all of my digital comics!

  2. Just for laughs

    Comics Industry = The world of ASOIF

    Koyama Press = House Stark: Humble and noble house of in the far north.

    Scanlators = House Greyjoy: Pirates

    Marvel = House Lannister: Playing the same ol’ games

    DC = House Tyrell: Playing the same ol’ games

    Diamond = Littlefinger: Owns Print Comics

    Comixology = Varys: Owns Digital Comics

    Onipress = House Martell: Unique Style and Culture, while plotting it’s uprising against the mainstream.

    Image = The Brotherhood with out Banners: A gang of bad-a**es and lesser thugs.

    SLG = House Frey: Still alive…

    Dark Horse = House Baratheon: Puppet regime

    Manga Publishers = House Arryn: reclusive, inbred, and deranged…seen better days.

    Top Shelf = House Tully: The Nice Guys/Gals fightin’ the good fight

    Indie Cartoonists/Publishers(Fanta,D&Q, etc.) = Sell Swords/Sell Sword companies: Wild cards the can turn the tide of battle.

    Book Publishers(First second,Scholastic) = The Free Cities: quietly getting rich off this game.

    Webcomics = The Dothrakki: roaming hoards, threatening to overrun us all.

    Kickstarter/Indiegogo = Iron Bank of Braavos: owns everybody to some extant.

    Emily Carroll = Danerys Targaryean: nuff said…

  3. Reed Beebe, for the love of God, make it stop.

    Comixology really is a great app. I was hesitant for ages, but when my wife got an iPad and I finally got use the thing, I fell in love with it. For the books that require a deep reading or that I love enough to want to *collect,* yeah, I’ll stick with print. But for the remainder, stuff that I just want to tear through, Comixology is a great option.

    Now, that being said, I haven’t bought a single thing on there at full print price, and I probably never will. But they have so many sales on there that that’s not really a problem.

  4. Will they ever start releasing numbers of individual titles sold? I wonder why they don’t do it already.

    I don’t buy digital and i prob never will as long as they make print copies.

  5. I wonder how long it will be before Apple or Amazon decide they want a piece of this. They already have the two dominate devices and would be able to make their own apps and deals with publishers directly. They cut-out the middle man they would get a bigger cut and so would the publisher.

    If they go the route of true ownership instead of renting like Comixology and can lower the prices on new issues to around 1.99( which if there is only splitting the pie into two pieces hopefully would allow) we might see a real uptick in the digital sales numbers vz print.

  6. Other Jason: I guarantee you it’s not Comixology keeping new prices high, it’s the publishers who don’t want to piss off brick-and-mortar retailers. Comixology certainly has little resistance to cheap product, as there’s literally *something* on sale there every day for 99 cents. If you’re willing to wait, pretty much anything you could ever want will be on sale eventually.

  7. I do think one of the keys with digital is patience if you are in for the long haul. As mentioned, there are number of sales on comiXology and especially by the big two – I take advantage of them regularly and have a calendar reminder to check back on usual sale days. ComiXology as a service I think is a very solid one – see – I bought my first device because of them and I don’t really see stopping.

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