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Apocalypse now? Boxing announcer/comics publisher Joe Antonacci will be appearing this Friday on Fox & Friends to talk about the Joe Palooka comic which is launching this week from IDW. (Disclosure: We were a consultant on the project.) Hopefully, this will be a peaceful discussion of how awesome comics are and not a session on why Superman hates God and America.

The creator of one of 2012’s most anticipated comic book titles, the MMA comic book Joe Palooka, will be making an appearance on Friday, December 21st as a guest on the top-rated cable morning show Fox & Friends.

“This is a rare big-stage opportunity to talk about comic books and the great impact they can have on children of all ages,” said Joe Palooka creator Joe Antonacci who added, “I don’t plan to just push Joe Palooka, I want to send the message that comic books make great gifts and that there are gifts people will love at every price level waiting for you in your local comic book store.” Antonacci also sees his appearance as an opportunity to pay back the comic book community that has embraced him during the three-year odyssey of creating and publishing the Joe Palooka comic book. I have received so much encouragement and support from those in the comic book business, including from my publisher IDW, that I’m happy to pay them back in some small way by touting comic books, graphic novels, and character-based accessories as the perfect gift items for everyone on your holiday shopping list.


  1. My appearance on Fox & Friends has been postponed until Friday, 12/28, so I will focus instead on how junior and his sis can spend grandma’s holiday checks on post-holiday gifts that will stretch their imaginations while providing thrills and chills to boot. Long Live Comic Books…!!!
    -Joe A.

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