Better late than never! Please at least scroll through this (very incomplete) listing of new books out at MoCCA and just look at the pictures if nothing els.e There are some pretty amazing books coming out that haven’t gotten that much press, so I think it’s wroth your while.




Hot off the presses! We will have fresh copies of the TRIP CITY VISITOR’S GUIDE 2012, our very first literary arts print anthology available for sale [$5] at Jeffrey Burandt aka Jef UK’s table [I2] at the MoCCA Fest.

Plus, Americans UK will be in attendance with writer and front-man Jef UK hawking the latest Rocktronic Mixtape 2 anthology, featuring stories by Michael Lapinski, Aaron Bir, Zees, and more of indy comix rising talents!  And, check out some new tunes by way of their Kickstarter-funded Luxuria EP on vinyl, while you’re there. Plus, AM/UK will have new t-shirts in new colors, in all sizes. AM/UK comix artists Paul Ciarvino and Zees Moreno will be sitting in too, available for sketches and signing books!

Photographer, Seth Kushner, will be at the powerHouse Books table [B6] on Saturday: 11:00-12:30 and 3:00-4:30 +  Sunday: 1:00-2:30 and 4:30-6:00, along with writer, Chris Irving, to sell and sign their gorgeous tome, LEAPING TALL BUILDINGS: The Origins of American Comics, as well as, sell exclusive LTB posters designed by artists, Peter Kuper, Becky Cloonan, and Dean Haspiel [who will be signing from 3-4pm on Saturday].

On Saturday be sure to check out:

4:15pm Harvey Pekar’s Final Projects – ROOM A
Jeff Newelt, Joyce Brabner, Joseph Remnant, Rick Parker, Sean Pryor, Dean Haspiel, JD Waldman
Celebrating the life and work of comics pioneer Harvey Pekar with his widow, and writer in her own right, Joyce Brabner, joins a group of his artist collaborators.

On Sunday be sure to check out:

11:15am Workshop: Drawing with Rick Parker – ROOM B
Rick Parker (Beavis & Butthead, and Papercutz)
Join cartoonist Rick Parker for an insightful, funny and hands-on workshop in cartooning! This workshop is great for cartoonists of all ages.

2:00pm A Discussion with Josh Neufeld and Shannon Wheeler – ROOM B
Josh Neufeld (A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge), Shannon Wheeler (Oil and Water, Too Much Coffee Man)
These two creators interview one another about their work in comics, especially as it relates to their approaches documenting tragedy on the Gulf Coast.

2:15pm Memoir – ROOM A
Calvin Reid, Derf, Peter Kuper, Jennifer Hayden, Mike Dawson
Makers of autobio comics discuss filter their lives through sequential art.


And, finally, don’t be shy to whoop it up at the MoCCA Fest 2012 Official AfterParty, produced by Jeff Newelt aka Jah Furry on Saturday, April 28th from  7pm – 10pm at the Village Pourhouse, 64 3rd Ave (at 11th st), New York, NY 10003



Jessica Abel and Matt Madden will be at table B3 with preview copies of their new textbook Mastering Comics. They can’t sell it yet, but are doing a fun comics contest to give away two copies at MoCCA (and two online to those who can’t make it to MoCCA). 
Jessica will have printouts from her as-yet-unseen sci-fi book Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars, and a set of four postcards from herKickstarter. Matt will have a new minicomic of Tic Tac Toe comics, and of course they’ll have all their books on hand. 

They’re running a workshop/discussion on Saturday at 1:15 in room B called ”Checklist for a New Comic: A Guide to Getting Started” based on parts of Mastering Comics. More details at Jessica’s site and at Matt’s
They’ll also be stopping by Fresh Meat, the SVA student comicon, to see their students’ work. Friday night between 6-9, 217 E 23rd St New York, NY.



We have a table there as normal on Row K table 13 if you’re going along. If you are undecided then take a look at all you get for just $15 a day at the link above!
Since we have no influence to take MoCCA to Nepal, we brought the mountain to the show in the shape of a case of advance copies of Summit of the Gods 3, so come pick up your copy while we have some. If you can’t make it, copies are on the water and should hit the stores in about a month or so. Can’t wait? Then visit our web site where you can download the first chapter from the book for free (use the link above).
The reason I’m SO excited this year is that I WILL BE AT THE SHOW. It’s my first ever visit there and I can’t wait myself to see all those wonderful offerings from such brilliant creators assembled under that roof. Drop by our table for a browse and a chat, or you can call me on 646 400 3666 while I’m in the US. Look forward to meeting you.

Lauren Weinstein

I will hopefully be reading a highly personal comic that I’ve been working on for two years at MOCCA on Saturday at 5:15, but I might just have too much to do before and I’ll have to read old stuff, which won’t be old to you so it doesn’t matter, it would just be so perfect if I could get this thing wrapped up…

Carousel is at 5:15. I’ll be reading with the 16th funniest man in NYC, Michael Kupperman, Domitille Collardey, Shannon Wheeler, Leslie Stein and of course, R. Sikoryak.

Ninth Arts Press

Ninth Art Press – in association with the Boston Comics Roundtable — announces the publication of “Hellbound II,” an anthology of all-new horror comics by artists and writers from greater Boston. The paperback edition will be on sale at the MoCCA Festival in New York on april 28th and 29th, the Maine Comics Arts Festival on May 19th, at selected comics shops in the region, and online.  

The Holy Yost

Me (J.T. Yost) & Victor Kerlow will be holdin’ it down at table A17 at the MoCCA comics festival this weekend, so c’mon by and help keep us in beans and rice. We’re right next to the fine folks at Rabid Rabbit, so you can holler at them, too.



DOMINO BOOKS is proud to announce the publication of our third book, Difficult Loves by Molly Colleen O’Connell  which is now available for orders in the DOMINO shop.

Core member of the art collective Closed Caption Comics (CCC), Molly Colleen O’Connell brings us her richest book to date. The reader is at first confronted with O’Connell’s signature fleshy characters, more fully realized and powerful than ever before. Lurking around them this time are snakes—real and implied. The book centers around human relationships, but like O’Connell’s drawings, the simple road is ignored. Are snakes here for their viciousness or for their intertwining personas? O’Connell brings out an endless parade of pet concerns: nail salons, pottery, and strip malls are all here, drawn to the fullest.

Each page of this comic stands alone as an aggressively elegant work for the reader to soak up. Taken together, these pages form an elaborate story and a concentrated work of art that readers will be dipping into long after their first encounter.

DOMINO will be sharing table space with CCC at the MOCCA festival on April 28th and 29th. Difficult Loves, and all are previously published books, will be available at our table.

A note to those who have pre-ordered FACE MAN by Clara Bessijelle. Though delayed (and much anticipated), this book is very, very close to publication! We hope to have copies in our hands by mid May. All pre-orders will be shipped at once, complete with an original drawing by the artist. We are still accepting pre-orders that will qualify for this perk!



Autobiographical sequential art storyteller Jonathan Baylis announced today that the issue of So Buttons #4 to be sold at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art   Festival will have a special edition cover with the creator standing on the new One World Trade Center, in a tribute to the 1976 King Kong movie poster. Recently featured on AMC’s The Comic Book Men, Baylis realized just how much his fans appreciate his love of New York and he wanted to do something to give to comemerate New York rebuilding such an important building. This issue contains artwork from Noah Van Sciver (Fantagraphics), Fred Hembeck (Marvel), Thomas Boatwright (Slave Labor Graphics), and many others. The cover art is courtesy T.J. Kirsch (She Died in Terrebonne).  Video of his appearance can be viewed at

Yoe Books


The Funny Side Of Frazetta

John Seven and Jana Christy


Some of you know me from the North Adams Transcript, or from Publishers Weekly, or from the Greylock Arts Dot-Comics show, some from my collaborations with my wife Jana Christy – Very Vicky or children’s books or Occupy 1-2-3 or A Child’s Guide To Anarchy or the Happy Punks web comic … regardless of our connection, I wanted to let everyone know that Jana and I will be at table A10 at this year’s MoCCA Festival in NYC, April 27 − 29 ( offering some new work and previewing upcoming projects. If you are going to be there, please stop by and introduce yourself to me! Chances are if you are on this mailing list, we’ve never met face to face!

We will have some mini comics and punk rock paper dolls for sale, as well as copies of our picture book The Ocean Story! Plus, we just like friendly faces.


Only Skin - Cover.jpg

Secret Acres is especially proud to release Only Skin, the graphic novel debut of Sean Ford. Perfecting, completing and collecting the serialized epic, Only Skin features several dozen new pages, including an all-new and improved ending in a deluxe, over-sized package. Only Skin will be in stores in May, following its launch at the 2012 Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival in New York City on April 28th. Join Sean and us after the show Saturday night at Brooklyn’s Bergen Street Comics for a champagne celebration and book signing!

Farel Dalrymple, of Omega the Unknown and Pop Gun War writes:

“Sean Ford’s Only Skin is just the sort of comic book I like reading. Not only a tale of quirky surreal horror, intrigue, adventure and exquisite humor, this book has a great amount of heart.”



Seven Stories Press will be tabling at this year’s MoCCA Fest in NYC on Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, April 29th. We’ll have copies of The Graphic Canon: Volume One for you to see and buy ($25). Contributors Peter Kuper, Ed Choy, Rebecca Migdal, Gareth Hinds, Fred Van Lente, Ryan Dunlavey, and many more will be there too!

You can see a sample of The Graphic Canon artwork and read advanced reviews from Library Journal, Kirkus, and others on The Graphic Canon website. Keep up-to-date with all Graphic Canon news on Facebook and Twitter.



Atomic annihilation, mass extinction and the apocalypse are the stuff of nightmares and fanboy thrills. Following in the footsteps of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Mad Max, and the New Testament, six independent comic artists band together to survive Earth’s demise by creating a comics anthology about the End. Nomads: Tales From the Edge of the World takes readers on a journey into a post-apocalyptic landscape through the creative, terrifying and sometimes perverse minds of today’s up-and-coming cartoonists. The anthology features the unique visions of Jose Carmona, Michael LaRiccia, Dave McKenna, Frederick “Fredo” Noland, Nik Moore and Frank Reynoso. Jonathan “Swifty” Lang, creator and writer of Feeding Ground from Archaia, provides a foreword.

Paul Hoppe


Sundays Comics Anthology
Sundays Five – 2012
edited by Sean Ford
8 x 7 • 150 pages
silkscreened covers designed by Sean Ford
contributors: Mari Ahokoivu • John Brodowski • Aaron Cockle
Warren Craghead III • Michael DeForge • Julie Delporte
Max de Radigués • Sean Ford • Charles Forsman • Colleen Frakes Alexis Frederick-Frost • James Hindle • Damien Jay • Alex Kim Joseph Lambert • Brenden Leech • Minty Lewis • Jeff Lok

Dane Martin • Melissa Mendes • Nylso & Marie Saur
Conor Stechschulte • Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi
Malachi Ward • Matt Wiegle
Debuting at MoCCA 2012-Secret Acres booth

David Quinn and The Littlest Bitch

Who is The Littlest Bitch? Little Isabel is a deliciously funny cross between the mischievous Eloise and The Bad Seed – and she’s tapped into her inner CEO to become the 5-year-old tyrant readers will love to hate. Like all good children’s stories for adults, this one has a moral – if you dream of swimming with the sharks, you just might get eaten alive! Become a fan at The Littlest B on Facebook.


I have a new book coming out this weekend, the one-volume edition of my enormous fantasy adventure comic, Order of Tales ( ). There’s a book release party and signing this Friday at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn: and I’ll also have the books at MoCCA!



I’m returning to MoCCA (the last one I was at was….the first one. Yikes.)  and will be debuting the print version of my comic “she said” that I originally serialized on my website. I’m at the Outlines Press table – D13 – with partner in crime JD Glass.


My husband Paul and I will be at MoCCA this year (table I10) and will be debuting the comic we worked on together, The Stolen Lovelight. He wrote it and I drew it, and we’re both pretty excited about it! It’s a sci-fi story about a woman named Arisia who pays for her own kidnapping to escape a bad relationship–all goes well until she wakes up on her captor’s ship and finds it completely empty, well, she thinks it’s empty.

Jenifer Weber


I will be at table C21 this year, and the new comics I’ll be showing are Run Lil Jared issue 7 and the other is Mimolette Bakery issue 2.

Geoff Vasile


I’ll be premiering the newest issue of my comic Trackrabbit at Mocca this year. Trackrabbit is an ongoing series of self-contained fictional narratives. Previous issues have been nominated for Ignatz and Maisie Kukoc awards. This, the fifth since the series’ inception, concerns the misadventures of a former genetic engineer who has created a quartet of pint-sized dinosaurs as pets for the residents of a home for developmentally disabled adults. Hilarity and heartwarming antics ensue as readers learn just what keeps a foot-long triceratops from being an ideal pet. The book is 40 pages, with a slik-screened cover, and retails for five dollars. Further information about it (although admittedly, not much) can be obtained from my blog.



I’m debuting a comic called I AM A RACIST (AND SO CAN YOU), which is an examination of the internalized racism of an Asian-American, and what that says about the state of racism in America today. It’ll be on sale for $2.


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