Here are some new and notable books that will be debuting at today’s MoCCA Festival at Center 548. The previous round-up is here. The exhibitor list is here. But first a reminder:

The Best American Comics 2016 will be accepted at the Rebus Books table. Any new, North American work published between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015 is eligible for The Best American Comics 2016. If Series Editor Bill Kartalopoulos is not present at the table, material can be given to anyone working Table 226 and it will be included with BAC 2016 submissions. 

So get those comics ready to rumble!


Koyama Press:

ISBN: 978-1-927668-16-0
6 ½ x 9, 172 pages, b&w, trade paper
April 2015
 Sci-fi superheroes eschew Gotham and Metropolis in favor of nightmarish neoclassical ruins in this surreal strip.

A. Degen has taken the superhero myth and put it in a baroque blender; the result is the cerebral, sensuous and uncanny Mighty Star and the Castle of the Cancatervater. Equal parts Dalí and Astro Boy, Degen’s mostly silent narrative is both metaphysical and mighty.


The above link will take you to a review of the many Kickstarted projects available for sale at MoCCA such as Alisa Harris’s The Collected Counter Attack. Much more good stuff in the link.

Every spring the Society of Illustrators hosts the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City, a weekend-long celebration of comic and cartoon art. This year the event takes place April 11-12 at Center 548, and many Kickstarter creators will be on hand exhibiting their work. Here are just a few.


Carey Pietsch

MOCCA table location: 425

GLEAM is a lighthearted story about trust and making the most of where you are, in a setting that’s just a little bit magical. As part of a summer internship with an animal control team, Natasha and Andy travel out to a remote part of their island hometown to investigate a complaint. At first glance, it looks like just a prank call, but all might not be as it seems…

This 12-page, full-color, all-ages comic is a companion to Keepsakes and Rift, set in the same location and following some of the same characters, but can also be enjoyed as a standalone story. You can read a brief preview here. I’ll be selling it at table 425, along with Marceline Gone Adrift, The Snapdragon Queen, Keepsakes and Rift, which will appear in the SOI Comic & Cartoon Art Annual 2015 show.

EDITORS NOTE: Keepsakes is a real sock in the gut if you’ve never seen it.


Nick Offerman

(Ed’s note: the OTHER Nick Offerman)

6 Pages, Black & White, Free
I’m going to be debuting this short comic for free at Mocca. I’m at table 382. It’s the first part of a web-comic I’m working on about a girl just out of high school who goes to live with her mother and grand-mother.



The innovative Franco-Belgian publisher Frémok will again be exhibiting at the MoCCA Arts Festival this year at Table 227, directly next to the Rebus/Domino table at 226. One of the two individuals representing Frémok this year is the French artist DoubleBob. His first book, the wordless Le Chat n’a pas de bouche vous aime beaucoup, is drawn in a combination of delicate graphite, marker, and blue line achieved with carbon paper.

Much more totally cool stuff in the link. Check it out!