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Milton Griepp to deliver 2020 Comics White Paper at the ICV2 Insider Talks

Keith Knight will also talk on race and comics


Comics industry White Paper alert! I know we’re all a bit swamped right now but YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT TOMORROW 10/29: ICv2 Insider Talks Livestream

As industry observers will recall, in past days ICv2 industry analyst Milton Griepp would hold an Insider Conference during the yearly New York Comic Con. With that event gone virtual, Griepp is holding his own two-day digital conference. We’ve covered these events closely in the past as they deliver vital industry statistics and trends. This year’s event will run from 2-4:30 pm EDT, and include four tracks:
ICv2 White Paper
ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp will present a special ICv2 White Paper, examining the comics and graphic novel business leading into and during the COVID pandemic, helping to understand how trends were affected by the disruptions of 2020.Creating and Releasing Comics for the COVID Era

ICv2 columnist and author Rob Salkowitz will interview AWA CCO Axel Alonso and comic writer and journalist Ethan Sacks about the real-time comics journalism of Covid Chronicles, a series of webcomics published on the NBC News site beginning in the early days of the pandemic and now about to be collected in book format.

Consumers, Comics, and COVID-19 – 2020, A Most Unusual Year

On one hand, comic categories, especially Kids’ Comics and Graphic Novels, and Manga, continued to show strong signs of growth in 2020 in the trade book market. At the same time, no sector of the Trade books market is as disrupted during the pandemic crisis, and a holiday season unlike any other is almost upon us.  Join NPD Executive Director of Business Development at the NPD Books practice Kristen McLean as she uses NPD’s POS, streaming data, and wider consumer data to help us understand exactly what happened in 2020, what kinds of trends were accelerated by COVID-19, and what the outlook for 2021 looks like in a cross-platform future.

Comics, TV, and Racial Justice in the COVID Year
Harvey Award-winner Keith Knight has been creating his comics for print and online outlets since the early 90s, with collections released from a variety of publishers and self-published.  Now Woke, the TV series he inspired and co-wrote about a Black cartoonist whose life is changed by an encounter with the police has dropped on Hulu, in a year defined by COVID and by the reckoning with racial justice issues brought to a head by the police killing of George Floyd.  The timing of Woke seems tailor-made for 2020, but Knight’s been raising the same issues throughout his career.  PW Senior News Editor Calvin Reid talks to Knight about his comics, the ways he’s reached his audience, how that led to the show, and what he’s planning next.

If you’re like The Beat, you’ll be hanging on every word of these — data crunchers are particularly psyched for McLean’s data-driven presentation.

How to attend? Time is short but here’s the info:

This invitation-only event will include two tracks of short talks with Q&A on consecutive days: one on the business of hobby games; and one focused on the business of comics and graphic novels.  For more information, click here.

If you are a business professional and would like to attend the event, email: [email protected].

If you are press and would like to cover the event, email: [email protected].

Disclosure: I’ll be moderating audience questions on McLean’s presentation so think of some good ones.