In a press release sent on February 2nd, 2022, Archie Comics announced that 22-year veteran of the publisher Mike Pellerito has been named Editor in Chief! 

EiC Pellerito

The press release from Archie Comics emphasized that Pellerito’s responsibilities will include overseeing the Jumbo Digest line and serving as a special consultant on projects like the Kevin Keller Celebration Omnibus Kickstarter with Dan Parent.

Plus, Pellerito will also be responsible for editing one-shots that are presented in the classic Archie Comics style, such as the upcoming Archie Meets Riverdale.

Furthermore, Pellerito will continue to work alongside Archie’s Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante (catch more of Rotante’s work in April, thanks to the fact that she penned one of the tales in the upcoming Little Archie and Friends anthology).

The role of EiC at Archie Comics is an exclusive one, having been held by only four different individuals over the course of the publisher’s eight-decade history: beginning with John L. Goldwater, it was subsequently passed down to his son Richard Goldwater, before the role was taken over by Victor Gorelick, who occupied the position before Pellerito.

“There are very few companies that can remain independent for over eighty years while keeping their core business intact,” said Archie Comics Publisher/CEO Jon Goldwater. “And that’s exactly what we’ve done and will continue to do with Mike leading the charge.”

Twenty-Two Skidoo

Pellerito has been working with Archie Comics for 22 years, and was named EiC on 2/2/22. The publisher has a long history with the number twenty-two: Archie Andrews made his debut in Pep Comics #22, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch first appeared in Archie’s Madhouse #22.

For those who are unaware, numerology dictates that twenty-two is the “Master Builder,” a number capable of serving as the foundation of something great. Let’s assume that magic will hold for upcoming Archie Comics projects!

The Beat wishes Pellerito all the best in his new role, and we look forward to continuing to enjoy the timeless antics of the Riverdale gang (especially in Jumbo Digest form) under his leadership.

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  1. Good luck to Mike Pellerito in his new role, but I’m guessing not much will change — he’s been there 22 years. I wish they were producing more new content, but I suppose the 95% reprint digests are what sells. And after all these years, Archie comics still look very white and dated.

  2. I would love to see more actual new content, especially on the Mighty Crusaders front, which they have really been start/stop with over recent years. But…none of that will happen, I realize.

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