EW spotlights the new Method Man graphic novel and finds out what the rapper thinks of comics:

All the miniseries and things of that nature, like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Secret Wars part I and II. That was when comic books were big events. It was real. They didn’t have a bunch of variant covers. But I think it’s getting back to its core now. You got writers like Mark Millar with this new book, Kick-Ass, which is so hard to find right now. But it’s a dope book, and it’s penciled by John Romita Jr., who’s also a dope artist. I liked when he did his stints on Daredevil and Iron Man — when Iron Man had to go shut down all of his technology. Sort of like the storyline they had in the movie, but a little different. He was attacking people like the Crimson Dynamo and the Titanium Man, anybody who had his armor. One of the last people he went after was War Machine, who was actually his friend, James Rhodes.

Dashshaw080623 250MEANWHILE, at the NY MAgazine blog, Dash Shaw imagines a Ghost Rider revamp:

“I think Ghost Rider should really be drawn as if the target audience is people in motorcycle gangs,” Shaw told us. “Totally badass tattoo imagery. Because right now, it just feels like he’s a superhero who rides a motorcycle. So I really see that as having a crazy oddball aesthetic, culled from tattoo art.”


  1. I guess Dash hasn’t been reading the book recently, since what he states is pretty much the current style and theme of the book now that Jason Aaron is on it. He should probably go check it out.