200806181203Here’s an comics-to-movie story we couldn’t be any happier to report: Universal is developing LAST CALL:

Universal has bought the Oni Press graphic novel series “The Last Call” and set it up with Barry Josephson to produce through his eponymous banner.

“The Last Call,” written and illustrated by Vasilis Lolos, centers on two teens on a joyride who get hit by a train — an interdimensional soul carrier — and find themselves on a quest to solve a mystery that will allow them to return to their regular lives. Series debuted last year.

Evan Spiliotopoulos, who most recently penned “The Box” for Fox, is adapting the series for the screen.

We just finished working on THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY 2 with Vasilis and a more talented creator couldn’t be imagined.


  1. Is this an appropriate time to ask about the status of Pirates of Coney Island? I’m also really happy for Lolos, and am looking forward to the second volume of Last Call. (But I’m still looking forward to the end of Pirates.)

  2. Last call was a very fun, crazy book. Honestly, I’m a bit shocked it would be picked to make it onto the big screen.

    But there are apparently more books? O.o Where? and When?