Another day, another comics in Hollywood deal! But this one’s all in the family, as it’s been announced that Warner Bros. TV is developing MEMOIR by Ben McCool and Nikki Cook, as announced in Publishers Marketplace. The deal was negotiated by Angela Cheng Caplan at the Cheng Caplan Company. McCool writes:

MEMOIR is about a small Midwestern town where one morning everybody wakes up with no idea who they are, where they are, or what’s happened. The whole town’s memory has been erased. All except for one man… He remembers EVERYTHING.

According to McCool, he and Cook have always felt that “the potential to tell stories in the MEMOIR universe was abundant, so with a bit of luck there’ll be plenty more of them coming soon.”

Published by Image Comics, MEMOIR’s 5th issue is imminent, as shown by the cover above.


  1. Ben McCool is one of the most promising new writers in comics, be it Choker, Memoir or Pigs, the only major problem is the long delays between issues.

  2. Gotta agree, Oestavao. I really dig McCool’s writing, but the wait between issues makes it all the less likely my Local Comic Shop will order the next one. I know with Choker the delay’s been on Templesmith’s side, but not sure what’s going on with Memoir. At least Pigs has come out on time thus far.

    Delays aside, I’ve been digging all three series.

  3. PIGS is great so far, but i dropped this book because it couldnt come out on time. will grab the rest when it actually finishes.

  4. Never a fan of when a comic is announced that its possibly being adapted for TV/movies yet the comic itself isn’t finished

    Does nothing but give the impression that the writer’s only in it to get the TV/movie money and doesn’t really care about the comic (Hi Mark Millar).

    And Memoir’s been late for quite a while.