On Monday, October 15th, 2022, a short created and directed by Simon HanselmannMegahex, “Devil’s Night,” made its streaming debut.

The long-awaited animated incarnation of Hanselmann’s Megg, Mogg, Werewolf Jones, and Owl is one of the shorts included in The Paloni Show! Halloween Special, an hour long stand-alone anthology that is available to stream on Hulu now.

Megahex in “Devil’s Night”

Among other comic inspirations, the short contains many elements in common with “Halloween,” originally printed in the Megahex 2020 Winter Trauma Annual and included in the Stems and Seeds collection.

With Emma Chamberlain as Megg, Macaulay Culkin as Mogg, Jon Glaser as Werewolf Jones, and Dave Foley as Owl, the animation of “Devil’s Night” strongly evokes the source material, especially the endpaper artwork included in the various collections of Hanselmann’s comics work.

The short’s animation was produced by Floyd County Productions, and it takes place at roughly 22 minutes into the The Paloni Show! Halloween Special. Could “Devil’s Night be an overture for an animated series or feature adaptation of Megahex? A gal can dream…

Megahex comix crash course

If this is your introduction to the world of Megg, Mogg, Werewolf Jones, and Owl, welcome. If you enjoyed the “Devil’s Night” short, you owe it to yourself to check out the comics upon which it is based.

A good place to start is 2014’s Megahex, the original collection.

This is further expanded by 2016’s Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam (And Other Stories) and 2017’s One More Year, both of which take place during the events of Megahex. A third book set in this era, Below Ambition, will be released in November 2022 (and if you preorder it now, you can score a bonus sticker sheet).

Next in the story (after the conclusion of Megahex) comes 2019’s Bad Gateway.

2020’s Stems and Seeds, mentioned and linked above, features previously uncollected short comics.

However, there’s also 2021’s Crisis Zone. This Eisner Award-winning pandemic-era masterpiece features the characters from the previous stories, but in an alternate, COVID-riddled continuity.

The Paloni Show! Halloween Special

Find the Owl on this poster!

The Paloni Show! Halloween Special was created by Justin Roiland. In addition to the  the Paloni family frame story and “Devil’s Night,” the special also spotlights many additional animated shorts in a variety of styles and mediums from a variety of creators and studios.

You can stream The Paloni Show! Halloween Special on Hulu now.