Writer Matt Fraction has announced that he will be leaving both Fantastic Four and FF in order to focus on him upcoming Inhumans series. Although he will still be credited as a plotter – as his storylines will still be used – he will be succeeded on Fantastic Four by Karl Kesel, making his return to Marvel comics after far too long. FF will see artist Mike Allred take up co-writing duties alongside his brother, Lee Allred, meaning FF is now almost entirely run by the Allreds.


First to Kesel – Kesel’s return to the Fantastic Four will pair him with artist Mark Bagley, as the series moves onwards with the current storyline. A much-loved writer for his runs on books like Superboy, Daredevil and Fantastic Four, he’s an unexpected but welcome choice to succeed Fraction on the book – and I’m especially looking forward to if he’ll continue onwards with his own stories once Fraction’s plot concludes.

And FF will see Lee and Mike Allred co-writing, Mike Allred pencilling, and Laura Allred colouring. It’s an Allred-fest, everybody! Heaven help us if we find out there’s a third Allred sibling out there who knows how to edit/letter comics.

Both FF and Fantastic Four will run until issue 16 with Fraction’s storyline, whilst Fraction himself finishes writing the books with this month’s issues.


  1. Kesel is a HUGE fan of the Fantastic Four, and he’s had a couple of short runs on the book before. I’m hoping he gets a chance to stick with it beyond these fill-ins and have a real opportunity to make his mark on the book.

  2. FF is great. Sad to see Matt Fraction leaving.

    In the meanwhile I’ll stick around to see how well the book fares in his absence.

  3. pffft…lame. fraction’s giving up ff so he can write the next company-wide crossover!? wakness. i suppose it wont be too long before he gives up hawkguy to go write deadpool or some shit. good for him. dont knock the hustle i guess.

  4. Kesel wrote one of the funniest lines in comic books in one of his short stints as writer of the Fantastic Four. When a somewhat reformed Sandman was fighting with Ben Grimm, and it came out that Ben was Jewish, Sandman expressed disbelief. When Ben wanted to know why Sandman was surprised to find out the Thing was Jewish, Sandy replied: “You don’t look it.”

    Kesel can do no wrong after that issue, in my book. An excellent choice to follow Fraction.

  5. I’ve been wanting Kesel to take the book over for a LONG time. If nothing else I’m hoping that he makes the book about the FANTASTIC FOUR instead of VALERIA featuring the Fantastic Four with Franklin as Fraction has been writing them.

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