A somber start to the morning as reports roll in that 51 year old Leonard Robinson, better known to countless children, families, and members of the public as the Maryland Batman, died on Sunday night.

According to state police, Robinson was driving along a major highway in his custom-built Batmobile when the engine broke down, causing him to stall out in the fast lane.  He got out to check the engine and was struck by a Toyota Camry while he was standing in the road.


Robinson first came to widespread notoriety when a dashcam video of him being pulled over went viral.  However, people turned from amusingly observing his eccentricity to praising his charitable nature when they learned that the millionaire father of three dressed as the DC Comics character in order to bring hope and joy to the lives of terminally ill children.


It’s an unfortunate happening, to be sure, and while everyone who knew Robinson or heard of his charitable deeds are mourning, they are also celebrating his noble heart and selfless attitude towards life.  Reddit user andyblu posted an image of his late son Josh posing with the Maryland Batman, captioned “you were a great man…give Josh a hug for me!

Robinson may be gone, but his inspiring legacy lives on.  As a man once said, “if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely.”



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