In October, Marvel Comics released Marvel Zombies: Resurrection, a horror-tinged one-shot that saw some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes investigating a mysterious object out in space. That object ended up being the corpse of Galactus, now being used as a vessel for something that would turn the Avengers and the Fantastic Four into mindless flesh-eaters—and sent them on a return course for Earth.

Today Marvel announced a continuation of that story with the Marvel Zombies: Resurrection miniseries. The four-issue series will see the return of the creative team from last year’s one-shot: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Leonard Kirk, Guru-eFX, Travis Lanham, and cover artist In-Hyuk Lee. It will follow Spider-Man and the other remaining heroes of Earth as they prepare for the arrival of their undead comrades and try to get to the bottom of what caused their horrific transformation.

The new Marvel Zombies miniseries continues the rebooted continuity for the property. The original Marvel Zombies first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four #21, and would go on to star in multiple miniseries and one-shots. In the announcement, Johnson discussed getting the opportunity to relaunch the Marvel Zombies:

“The original MARVEL ZOMBIES made such an impact on fans when it came out, and now Marvel has been kind enough to let me do my own take on it. And although there’s a lot there for fans of the original, it’s a very different take. MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION is an all-in horror series, with tension that doesn’t let up and a cast of characters who have become like family to each other, none of whom are safe.”

The initial Marvel Zombies: Resurrection one-shot was a lot of fun, with some genuinely horrifying moments, and I’m glad the creative team is getting the opportunity to continue that story. Check out Lee’s cover for the first issue below. Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 (of 4) will be available in stores in April.

Marvel Zombies Resurrection