NFTs: they’re still a thing. Marvel and digital platform VeVe have been partnered on them for a while, releasing digital variant covers to classic and current comics fairly regularly. Now Marvel has announced that they’re taking part in VeVe’s latest endeavor, VeVe Artworks, a new line of extremely limited NFTs that are even less fungible than before I guess. Marvel’s entry into the line is a trio of new variant covers by artists Skottie YoungSara Pichelli, and Brian Stelfreeze. Unlike previous Marvel NFT variant covers, though, these new variant covers will be limited edition, 1-of-1 releases, and available through auctions with an opening bid of just $1,500.

The three lines of code up for bid are:

    • Sara Pichelli, MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN #25 (Starting Price $1,500) 

This is an uncolored version of the 1:25 variant cover that was available in stores. The original artwork for another Pichelli Miles cover sold earlier this year for $9,000, so this is kind of a deal, if you consider spending thousands of dollars on nothing comparable to spending thousands of dollars on something you can touch and hang on your wall. The physical copy of this variant cover of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25 can also be had on eBay for around $20.

    • Brian Stelfreeze, BLACK PANTHER #25 (Starting Price $1,500) 

This variant cover was available in print last year, albeit with trade dress. That physical comic can still be had today on eBay for $5-10.

    • Skottie Young, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 (Starting Price $1,500) 

This variant cover was also released in print earlier this year. That comic can currently be had in physical form, based on current eBay auctions, for between cover price and $10.

Responding to confusion about what the auctions actually are, Young took to his Substack newsletter to clarify that what’s up for bid is not actual physical artwork:

There is NO PHYSICAL component to this drop. I have seen a few people mention getting the the physical original art piece along with this and that is NOT true. You will be bidding on a digital NFT.

Young has in fact already sold the original artwork for this cover via his own store, for $7,000. It’s unclear how much money these artists will see from any of these NFT sales.

If you want to get in on these auctions for some reason (don’t worry, the auctions are silent so no one will be able to see you do it), they go live via VeVe’s app at noon Pacific today, and will run through Thursday, August 4th.


  1. NFTs are a scam but 1) I’m pretty sure Marvel will license anything if they get a cut. This is probably more of a “veve” thing than a “Marvel” thing. 2) We should have no sympathy for the “customers” that are getting ripped off. They’re going into this with their eyes wide open. and 3) If it puts some money into the pockets of the artists, great!

    I am more than happy to see dummies relieved of their money and put in the hands of creators.

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