It seems there are still a few stories that haven’t been told in the Marvel Universe, and one of them is the tale of Matt Murdock’s mother—introduced as Sister Maggie in the Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli run. Although we know she abandoned Matt after his birth and turned to the church, it hasn’t been revealed why. And where better than an ORIGINAL SIN tie-in by Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez! Cover by Chris Samnee.

What is the dark secret that tore apart the Murdock family? How did Matt’s mother become Sister Maggie? Matt Murdock’s journey to the truth begins as Original Sin opens the Man Without Fear’s eyes this July in DAREDEVIL #6!

In original Marvel continuity, his mother died when he was but a child. In the Miller/ Mazzucchelli “Born Again” run, we learned she had become a nun but the story behind his birth was never revealed.



  1. She became a nun because a clone of Dr.Strange told her she needed to, so as to not allow the Dark Phoenix to win in a future battle against the Avengers, while the X-men were off in Asgard looking to free Loki so he could help them against the Sentinels who had kidnapped Spiderman with the help of The Sandman and because if she didn’t, Daredevil would never come to exist and he was need to keep the crime boss Kingpin from taking over the Hand, who would kill Electra who would then not be able to stop Bullseye from traveling back in time and sabotaging the Fantastic Fours rocket, there by killing them in the process, which would allow Dr.Doom to go back in time as well, and prevent the Super Soldier Serum from being created, thereby keeping Steve Rodgers from becoming Captain America who in the future would impregnate Sister Maggie (prior to her becoming a nun of course), which would mean that Matt Murdock would never be born and raised by Jack Murdock, and therefore would never get hit by the radio active material on the truck and become Daredevil !

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