This morning’s Marvel teaser suggests that the new Marvel NOW! relaunch will be tied in with the Point One program which saw various series get a “.1 issue” that was new-reader-friendly. The program did quite well, we’re told. Details will be revealed at the Cup O’ Joe panel, Friday, July 13th, 3:15 PM PST.

This move solidifies the “jump-onable” nature of the Marvel NOW! program.

BTW, Beat contributor Kate Fitzsimonsused the term “jump-onable” in our PW podcast, and we’re hereby adding it to the comics lexicon. It also transforms quite well — “jump-onability.”

Getting jump-onable seems very important to the future of comics, or at least Marvel’s comics.


  1. “The [Point One] program did quite well, we’re told.”

    Funny, I seem to remember in Paul O’Brien’s monthly sales reports that every single .1 issue sold lower than the issues of the ongoing around it, pretty much without exception.

  2. Jason, I remember the exact same thing.

    IIRC it was seen as a disaster, no one cared about it much less knew what the point (pun intended) of it was…

  3. I dunno, this and ever other attempt Marvel & DC try to get better sales always seem short term.
    Always targeted at existing comic readers, never people who’ve never picked up a comic or people who really did grow out of it when they were 12.

    Unless they engineer some cultural and editorial shift that gets kids reading their comics again, they’ll keep treating the symptom until there’s no one left.

  4. The sales on .1 issues are usually lower than the ongoing, but only by around 2 – 12%. Hardly the “disaster” you seem to want it to be.

  5. Dave, when the point of the .1 program was to bring in new readers, I’d say having LESS sales then the main title is seen as a disaster, when the goal is to get MORE sales.

    Understand now?

  6. Jump-onable? Boy, will new readers be in for a shock, when they realise they’ve been duped into paying $3.99 for 20 pages.

    @ Jacob Goddard – well said.