Marvel has released a teaser image for The Ultron Agenda, a new story featuring the Avengers’ robotic arch-enemy. The teaser image, featuring the art of Mike Deodato Jr., finds the current incarnation of Ultron—a fusion of the original android and its creator, founding Avenger Hank Pym—in battle with Iron Man. Janet Van Dyne, ex-wife of Pym, and Jocasta, another android created by Ultron and imprinted with Van Dyne’s brainwaves in order to serve as Ultron’s mate, appear captured in the background.
The Ultron Agenda Teaser
With a tagline of ‘Unite or Perish’ and Ultron’s current merged status on display, it seems like Ultron’s titular agenda may be the merging of machines and humans. Beginning with Janet and Jocasta is a logical (well, using twisted logic) place to start, though the fact that both of them have rejected Hank and Ultron in the past might not bode well for the success of this plan.
It’s unclear at this point whether The Ultron Agenda is a standalone series, a crossover event, or simply a storyline that will appear in one of Marvel’s ongoing series. I’ve personally always considered Ultron one of the Avengers’ best foes, and I’ve enjoyed the few times I’ve read stories featuring the current Ultron/Pym version, so I’m interested to learn more about this story. With a release date in September, more info should be forthcoming relatively soon, so keep an eye out for that as it becomes available.


  1. If I had to guess, maybe this is an Iron Man event/storyline? I’ve only read vol. 1 of the current series, but The Wasp and Jocosta were in the supporting cast, as well as talk about AI sentience and such. It seems especially appropriate since Ultron now has Pym inside (or however that works) to work as a better foil for Stark.

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