Marvel has just revealed a brand new teaser with the words SECRET EMPIRE and 2017. Due to the teaser’s inclusion of a specific shield, it seems to be a safe bet that this teaser is about Steve Rogers as Captain America perhaps teasing a brand new Captain America event or storyline coming this year.

Spoilers for Civil War II and Captain America: Steve Rogers follow:

Writer Nick Spencer (Morning Glories) and artist Jesus Saiz (Swamp Thing) shocked Captain America readers earlier this year when he revealed that Steve Rogers had false memories implanted in his memory, leading Steve to believe that he is an Agent of Hydra. The twists in Captain America: Steve Rogers kept coming as Rogers even revealed that he is operating outside of the Red Skull’s command, now trying to take Hydra for himself!

While Secret Empire could be teasing Rogers trying to take over Hydra in a more aggressive manner, readers are still waiting for payoff regarding a huge Captain America in twist in Civil War II seeing Miles Morales seemingly kill Steve Rogers as predicted from a vision from the inhuman Ulysses.


CBR wrote up the news and had a new trailer for the Captain America: Steve Rogers series which spoils the surprise of the first issue but gets readers caught up to speed on what could be happening in the new series.

The Secret Empire is the name of a villainous group in the Marvel Universe created in Tales to Astonish #81 in 1966. The name of the Secret Empire story was used again when Steve Rogers first grew disillusioned with his country and was framed in the unforgettable ’70s story from Steve Englehart, Mike Friedrich, and Sal Buscema inspired by Watergate in Captain America & The Falcon.


  1. Looks interesting. I hope to see the story take a turn where the duped Captain America grows disillusioned with what he sees as a poorly run Hydra. So he turns on Red Skull and tasks him down, thus unknowingly doing the right thing. Then I bet Red Skull tells all and has Steve reversed to normal as S.H.I.E.L.D. carts off the Red Skull to jail. That would be a neat and tidy conclusion to the Hydra Cap story.

  2. No interest in Marvel rehashing its past, but I have the ’60s and ’70s Secret Empire stories. Maybe I’ll read them again!

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