As cat people, we’re not really sold on on the whole “dress your pets” humiliation tool; however, for those who like to dress their doggie, Marvel and Fetch are introducing a line of Marvel-themed pet attire called cool pets!. The line of toys, apparel, and accessories will be available at your local PetSmart.

The line will feature a wide array of Marvel-themed pet products for dogs including toys and apparel. Additionally, a wide assortment of aquatic products will follow shortly after and all will be available in PetSmart stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico as well as online at
“Marvel Super Heroes are a family affair and therefore, should include the family pet,” said Jamie Kampel, Director of Licensing, Marvel Entertainment. “As we continue to look to expand the presence of the Marvel brand to new product and retail venues, the pet category is a natural extension. Fetch has developed a truly unique line, and having PetSmart on board as our premiere retail partner will enable us to make a huge statement for the Marvel brand in the pet category.”
Steven Shweky, President of Fetch…for cool pets! added, “Fetch is approaching licensing from a different direction. Instead of using brands that would typically only appeal to children, Fetch has licensed brands that resonate with the ‘pet parent.’ Marvel is the perfect brand to reflect our approach.”

Based on the provided artwork, they are missing a few sure things here. though. Where’s the Lockjaw pet collar? The Kraven catbed? The Red Skull chew toy? How about it, group mind?


  1. I want to be able to buy a frog and a matching Thor costume.

    I would also like to buy the sparkly things for my cat to make him look like Speedball’s cat.

  2. My Jack Russell Terrier loves his Captain America hoodie. I’ll stop in PetSmart and see what else they have sometime.

  3. Ryan, you can’t see a single nipple in these photos.

    As a toddler I tried putting my cat in my dolly’s little sweater. Several scratches later, I resolved never to dress a pet again.