A few weeks back, Kevin Feige had told Collider that Inhumans, last scheduled for 2019, would get shuffled back due to the impact the acquisition of Spider-Man had on Marvel’s plans, along with a sequel to Ant-Man.

Now, it’s official, Inhumans is off the release calendar, and there’s no replacement date in sight. This leads some to speculate that perhaps Feige and company have changed gears altogether on that property.

When I first heard the news, the initial thought that wrapped through my mind was that this may have been the final fall-out of the split between Feige and Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter. If you’ll notice, the places where the Inhumans brand have been the most prominent are the comics and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series, both of which fall under Perlmutter’s purview. Last year, saw reports that Kevin Feige and the movie division would no longer report to Perlmutter and instead to Disney chair Alan Horn.

Rich over at Bleeding Cool posted a report this morning that echoes some of my own thoughts on the matter, and his source informed him last year that Inhumans was placed on the calendar initially to allow Feige the ability to develop Captain Marvel, a production Perlmutter was apparently not in support of. He has a history of that.

This could all be for nothing, and when Phase 4 rolls out, perhaps the Royal Family of Attilan will get their big screen debut sometime after 2020. But, if they never do, this is a likely reason for why they may not.


  1. My theory based on little to nothing is FOX is ready to make a deal with Marvel to allow the X-Men to come home, so Marvel is gearing up for the return of mutants to their universe and will end all this inhuman nonsense. SPECULATING POWERS…ACTIVATE!

  2. Interesting. I think the Inhumans — or at least the concept — must surface in the movies sooner or later. Marvel’s just too fond of brand synergy for that to not happen. Even if the X-Men do come back to the fold in some form or another, I don’t see Marvel dropping a property they own wholesale just because they’ll be allowed to have Hugh Jackman snikt his way into an Avengers movie.

    But with Black Panther, Spidey, GOTG, Captain Marvel, and the Infinity War, concepts that are either already proven or have a lot in the way of fan anticipation, already on the slate, I can see an Inhumans spotlight film being edged out for years to come.

  3. The Inhumans are fine, but I’d really like to see Marvel bring Ka-zar and the Savage Land to the big screen. My favorite parts of Peter Jackson’s King Kong were on Skull Island. The visuals were stunning and the action was well executed. If Marvel could capture a similar quality and build on this work, a Savage Land adventure could be amazing.

    With the success of Jurassic World, I’d be surprised if Disney isn’t pushing Marvel in this direction. On the other hand, they may be waiting to see how this new Tarzan film does. But even if Tarzan doesn’t do well, a Ka-zar/Savage Land film would be an excellent way to broaden Marvel’s — and by extension Disney’s — offerings. With the potential for toys, cartoons and theme park rides I wonder what’s taking Disney so long.

    Another property I think could do well for Marvel and Disney is Power Pack. That could be crazy fun for kids and parents alike.

  4. “I can see an Inhumans spotlight film being edged out for years to come.”

    Maybe Marvel would rather introduce them as supporting characters — when it gets the film rights to the FF.

    Me, I won’t be satisfied until they’re a Moon Knight movie or TV show. There’s always been something cinematic about the character.

  5. I wouldn’t call Inhumans a garbage property, but I’m glad to see it go too. Why? Because they shoehorned this terrigen bomb stuff into all the books (really wish Kamala wasn’t an Inhuman). That said, I really enjoyed the original appearance Kirby et al put together and the Paul Jenkins mini-series is one of the best things Marvel’s ever published, which is why it’s so inane that they would alter the property so much with this terrigen bomb thing. Karnak and Black Bolt have two of my favorite powers, as well.

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