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As expected, Marvel has revealed the line-up for it’s Post-Catgaclysm Ultimates line with three titles.

Launched 14 years ago, Marvel’s Ultimates timeline was created as a break from a line that was groaning under too much continuity. And putting the top names on the top books worked—Ultimates led Marvel to greater sales and arguably opened the door for a decade of fairly steady growth.

Now, however, the line has it’s own decade-plus of continuity. And thus the relaunch is set in a Post Galactus universe with a bunch of young characters.

• All New Ultimates (cover by David Marquez above) by Michel Fiffe and Amilcar Pinna. Miles Morales, the new Black Widow (formerly Spider-Woman), Kitty Pryde, Bombshell and Cloak and Dagger fight for the future.

• Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man: by Bendis and Marquez.

• Ultimate FF by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Maria Guevarra (Nevsky), wehich followsd the Future Foundation members.

So yes you read that right. A former Beat writer, Michel Fiffe, is writing the relaunch of a Marvel line! Fiffe proved he could cut it with his great Copra, so it’s great to see him getting a shot at destroying better known universes.

Marvel EIC Axel Alonso provided the logline.

“Once again, we’re destroying something and building something new, but there’s an end game in sight,” he said of the move, noting that Marvel’s so-called Ultimate universe has always been noted by readers, writers and artists and editors for its “elasticity” and experimentation.

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  1. This announcement had me spit-take a couple of times (in a really positive way). First, I’m really happy to see Fiffe get his own Big Two team book, especially with a high-profile launch. Bendis has been mentioning on Tumblr how much he digs Copra, so good on Michel!

    And speaking of high-profile, we’re looking at a major comics line that skews toward minority leads. All New Ultimates is comprised of women and black men! That’s fantastic, and it’s a completely natural progression from the stories that line’s been telling already.

    This is a smart set of books.

  2. Is a promising young cartoonist getting the golden handcuffs to re-write 50 year old properties really worth celebrating?

    I’ll celebrate when someone like him can make a decent paycheck without being the 3,572nd creative to work on spiderman.

    (unless being the 3,572nd person to add their creative voice to spiderman has been a life long goal, in that case more power to him)

  3. “Is a promising young cartoonist getting the golden handcuffs to re-write 50 year old properties really worth celebrating?”
    “The avalanche of enthusiasm about my writing All-New Ultimates is humbling/deeply appreciated. I get to make yet more comics? Beyond stoked.”
    He seems excited about it and he wouldn’t be doing it if he didn’t have some enthusiasm for it.

    So, Marvel isn’t “handcuffing” him and Fiffe has more than a choice to get out. He’s already well known as a great indie creator. Now hopefully working for Marvel will get him wider audience. And with a wider audience he’ll have more freedom to do more things he wants to do.

    Also, there’s a steady paycheck that can allow him to do more creator-own work. So he doesn’t have to worry that the comic he’s busted his ass to made doesn’t bankrupt him.

  4. I just don’t understand why Marvel went with that cover. It shows a Spider-man who’s not Peter Parker and not in full costume (someone new to the Ultimate line would likely assume that was just a t-shirt, and that’s if they even notice it peeking out). There’s someone who I think is Kitty Pride, also not in costume. Everyone else gets a question mark. So if I’m into Superhero books, why would I buy this based on the cover? The art looks nice, the writing I’m sure will be fine, but what’s Marvel thinking about the marketing of this book? Best of luck to anyone who’s associated with The Beat, but it doesn’t look like they’re really putting much into this.

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