Will the Silver Surfer, who is slated to appear in the next Fantastic Four movie, be an entirely CGI creation? That’s what the rags seem to be saying. It seems that Vin Diesel’s wish (ugh!) to play the cosmic character has been scotched by this plan:

Vin Diesel has missed out on playing comic book hero The Silver Surfer to a computer. The director of The Fantastic Four sequel has confirmed the character will be created using computer generated imagery and internet reports linking Diesel to the role are false.

Filmmaker Tom Story tells website moviehole.net, “(There’s) no truth to it. The Surfer will be a new CGI design being developed especially for the movie. It’s going to be incredible.”

Allowing for internet news board hyperbole, we’re just not sure we like this idea. Humanish CGI is still too uncanny valley for our tastes.

Also, the Motley Fool looks at Avi Arad’s departure from Marvel, and what it may mean for their film slate.

Arad takes with him the rights to produce subsequent entries in the Spider-Man movie franchise, as well as the upcoming Iron Man and Incredible Hulk pictures. Furthermore, as of the beginning of June, Arad owns around 5% of Marvel shares, including unexercised options. He has also stated several times that his shares are not frozen, and that he can sell them at any time. Arad will likely be working with Marvel for a while, but his fiduciary responsibilities will be to the newly formed Avi Arad Productions, not to Marvel or its stockholders.


  1. Eh, they’ll still need someone to voice the resultant character, and Vin Diesel is an awesome voice actor (see: Iron Giant), but I don’t know if that will do the trick as far as he’s concerned.

  2. I do love Vin Diesel (I have an unholy love for THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK) but he is not right for the Surfer. Ih my ever so humble opinion, of course.

  3. Diesel is all wrong – especially in the vocal department. The Surfer has to have a smooth voice heavy on the midtones – not the gravelly deep Diesel voice. THe Surfer is so far beyond our petty human sexuality that he has to be played as essentially hermaphroditic.

    That said, this is the first I’ve heard of an FF sequel. A sequel, to that steaming pile of turd?