As chronicled for the life of this blog, Superman has had a long, twisting journey back to the screen. One of the key figures in that journey is Jon Peters, the producer who parlayed a lowly job as Barbra Streisand’s hairdresser into an eventual post running a movie studio. Peters has always had a hand in getting Supes to the screen, and the Los Angeles Times has a profile which recounts some of the darker moments:

In 2003, gossip columns buzzed with reports that Peters and director Brett Ratner came close to blows when Ratner abruptly quit the “Superman” project. Sources say Peters also erupted in a meeting with Warners production chief Jeff Robinov, accusing the studio of being disrespectful of director McG, who at the time was in discussions to helm “Superman.” Robinov did not return phone calls seeking comment.

One might think that Peters would be front-and-center, trumpeting the new film. But from his enclave in the ritzy, celebrity-drenched Malibu Colony, the man who remains one of Hollywood’s more intriguing figures declined to be interviewed.

According to the article, Peters meddled with the script for the film, asking for changes every Monday morning after seeing the weekend’s hits. Stress over getting the movie to the screen also caused his marriage to break up, but ex-wife Mindy raced back to his side after seeing SUPERMAN RETURNS billboards along the road. Only in Hollywood.