Marvel has finally lifted the curtain on the upcoming X-Men event, entitled The Apocalypse Wars. The publisher provided more details about the story after cryptically announcing it at Comic Con Experience 2015 with nothing to show but a logo. Thankfully, we now have confirmation that the story will spring from Cullen Bunn’s upcoming Uncanny X-Men. The news didn’t stop there, as Marvel gave exclusives about the crossover to three different online outlets. To save you some time, we’ve gathered up all the X-Men Apocalypse Wars news that you could possibly handle right here. Enjoy!

The first bits of knowledge were uncovered in CBR’s exclusive interview with Cullen Bunn, where the writer gave us this information on the story:

“Apocalypse Wars” is more of a thematic crossover, with each of the core X-Books featuring an Apocalypse-centric tale. There might be a little connective tissue between the three titles, but the stories will stand on their own.


A thematic tie…I’m listening. The text above CBR’s interview focuses in on Archangel from the Uncanny X-Men. Bunn has revealed that a new version of this character is on the team, but doesn’t want to give away the details of his return until Uncanny X-Men #1 hits the stands. Of course, the last time we saw Archangel was in Rick Remender’s legendary Uncanny X-Force story The Dark Angel Saga.

Bunn went onto tease the return of a new incarnation of The Four Horseman Characters and tease the rebirth of the Akkaba Clan (the descendants of Apocalypse himself. The story starts in Uncanny X-Men #6 featuring art from Ken Lashley (Secret Six) and writing from Bunn.

This same morning, Marvel gave a different X-clusive (sorry) to, who reported on the Extraordinary X-Men crossover. The website reports that the real version of Apocalypse is going to return in the pages of Extraordinary X-Men. From what I gather, it seems that each book will have a separate Apocalypse themed adversary, with compositionally similar covers uniting each chapter in the story. Extraordinary X-Men is going to continue to be told Jeff Lemire (Underwater Welder) with art from Humberto Ramos (The Amazing Spider-Man.)


Jeff Lemire offered some greater hints to the outlet on the connective tissue of the crossover:

With Apocalypse Wars, X-writers Cullen Bunn, Dennis Hopeless and I are trying to craft something a little different from traditional event or crossover stories. So, each of our Apocalypse stories will be able to be read alone, but also tie together in unexpected ways for readers who check all three books.





Mutantkind is an endangered species once more. But what better way to ensure your people see the future…than to skip ahead right to it? As the mutant race’s last hope is jettisoned into the time stream, the Extraordinary X-Men make a startling discovery: the fate of their kind is about to fall into the hands of one of their most formidable adversaries — the immortal APOCALYPSE. Now, the X-Men race into a perilous future, desperate to reclaim what was taken from them…and completely unaware of the horrors that await them.

Let’s wrap up this article with the X-clusive (really sorry) from Newsarama, who had the scoop on All-New X-Men. Of course, the ties between All-New X-Men and Apocalypse Wars are immediately apparent, given the revival of Apocalypse as Evan (Kid Apocalypse) as a team member. It’s great to see a conflict in All-New X-Men that is directly relevant to the team (same goes for both Extraordinary and Uncanny X-Men.) The crossover starts in All-New X-Men #8, which has writing from Dennis Hopeless (X-Men: Season One) and art from Mark Bagley (Ultimate Spider-Man.)


While we don’t know if Evan is going to manifest as Apocalypse, Dennis Hopeless gave readers a hint with this Newsarama quote:

Our book is all about these heroic, optimistic teenagers with big scary destinies the world expects them to fulfill. Evan is probably the most optimistic and his destiny is absolutely the scariest. This kid is supposed to take over the world as ‘roid rage Hitler. Somehow he almost never lets it get him down. In “Apocalypse Wars” we’re going to make Evan deal with that destiny much more directly and see if he can maintain that optimism.

As if all this comics-based Apocalypse news wasn’t enough, the day culminated with the debut of the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer – how’s that for synergy?

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