As great as Secret Wars has been over the past couple of issues, the story isn’t going to be the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it — the series will also not serve as the last event ever told by the publisher. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso confirmed the existence of a new event on the Andy Greenwald PodcastCBR picked up the story and explained how the Marvel EiC directly referenced a brand new new event series coming up next in the All-New, All-Different line.

His reference to the brand new event was vague, but Alonso did mention that the brand new series would contain “something that we think everyone will relate to — that reads a comic book, that watches TV, that has an iPhone or a Blackberry.” Marvel hasn’t revealed that they are entirely set on a story either; “We’re slowly whittling that down to the story we’re going to be very proud of.”

There’s another Marvel event coming whether fans are ready or not, but when will Secret Wars conclude? The two new issues of the series, Secret Wars #6 and #7 have both been pushed back to October, #8 is shipping the subsequent month. The additional issue: #9 is still on time for December.


  1. “Secret Wars turned out to be a bit of a dud in the end.”

    How many of these things have ever NOT turned out to be duds?


  2. “How many of these things have ever NOT turned out to be duds?” – Right?! We’re pretty much the village idiots here. Drinking the water each and every time, even though we know it’s nasty. There are so many events each year now (I mean, what in the world happened to once a year?!) that I HAVE actually started getting picky about them. A Vs. X, no thank you. Fear Itself, ugh. Dropped half way through. Convergence. Holy crap. Literally, two issues in and I was out. So I’m learning… kinda.

    And could EVERYONE stop complaining about the lateness of Secret Wars. We are getting nine complete issues of Esad Ribic gorgeousness. If it takes him til next spring, I’ll wait. What is your other choice? For them to “DC up” their event books, and have like eight artists an issue? Ugh, no thank you.

  3. @Nathan – the other option would be for companies not to solicit books by slow artists until all the issues are in the can, especially when it’s a limited series.

  4. “Good.
    Secret Wars turned out to be a bit of a dud in the end. Hopefully the next one will be better.”

    It’s not over and it’s still the best selling book every month it comes out. I’m betting retailers are pretty damn happy about it.

  5. I’ll be hard pressed to remember an ‘event’ that I’ve liked, they tend to not deliver and they really disrupt the continuity of the titles I read. But you can’t deny that they sell well. So Marvel will keep making them every six months or so. Secret Wars was just on another scale entirely.

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