Brian Wood’s and Andrea Mutti’s Rebels and I have a special relationship.  Way back before issue one came out in March, I wrote an advance review of the title as my first assignment for The Beat.  More than half a year in and Rebels is still going strong, recently wrapping up its first arc.

One of the highlights of this series which I did not note in my initial review, but has become clear to me as time has passed, are Tula Lotay’s series covers.  Her work across this series’ issues has been astounding, using sharp and active lines to add movement and dynamism to her subjects.  With the cover to Rebels #10, Lotay has worked her magic yet again, coming in close on the war-battered face of a redcoat soldier, worn and tired from battle.  The way she’s rendered her subject’s eyes tell us everything we need to know about the way he feels, allowing us to connect and empathize with him regardless of his allegiances.

Check out the exclusive cover reveal and solicit text below:


Fifty-six thousand British redcoats fought in the American Revolution. Meet one of them—and learn his tragic ten-year story, from the Boston Massacre to Kings Mountain, South Carolina. Greg Smallwood, writer Brian Wood’s collaborator on Moon Knight, illustrates this issue.
Rebels #10
Brian Wood (W), Greg Smallwood (A)
Jordie Bellaire (C)
Tula Lotay (Cover)
On sale January 13; FOC December 21