Yesterday Marvel released a ‘puzzle piece’ teaser for Incoming!, the December-shipping kickoff to their next big event. The image teased a murder mystery being investigated by the heroes of the Marvel U. Today the publisher released another piece of the puzzle, this one with ties to a recent milestone release:

“A Glimpse of Eternity…” reads the text above the puzzle piece, which features three characters framed by the outline of a body. The image this time is signed by artist Valerio Schiti.

What we can tell, or reasonably surmise, from this image? Let’s start with the somewhat obvious. The character in the top right is Daredevil, or more specifically Matt Murdock as he’s been appearing in recent issues of the series. Matt’s given up being ol’ hornhead, but he keeps getting dragged back into doing the right thing, and has on a few occasions worn a makeshift version of his old ‘Man Without Fear’ getup. Does Incoming! feature a current look at Matt, or a flashback to his early days?

Across from Matt appears to be Jessica Jones (I thought at first this might be Typhoid Mary just because of the way her face is colored, but the background’s got the blinds of Jessica’s office, so). If there’s a murder mystery going on in the Marvel U, private eye Jessica makes the most sense as the one to be investigating it.

The bottom character looks to be The Masked Raider, recently reintroduced in the massive Marvel Comics #1000 one-shot (and soon to be elaborated on in Marvel Comics #1001). The Raider wears the Eternity Mask, also introduced in MC#1000, and the raised pistol in his hand may indicate that he’s the killer. Or it may not! We really know nothing yet about this character or about the mysterious mask he wears, so anything is possible. Either way he’s packing heat and ready for…something.

And then there’s the body itself. The red ‘blood splatter’ on the chest certainly looks like an emblem or logo of some kind, and the character it’s closest to is Captain Marvel. We know that Carol is set to become ‘Dark Captain Marvel’ in November, complete with red-and-black color scheme, which matches what’s shown in the teaser. She’s also got a Kree connection, like previously-teased character Hulkling has, so putting her at the center of a universe-spanning event makes a certain sense. Are those her eyes in the initial Hulkling teaser? Does this new image implicate her as the killer? And who is the body being outlined? What do the scrawled words “2FACED” mean? Is it the same body shown on the slab in yesterday’s teaser, or another character entirely?

So many questions! And sure to be more teasers to come. Check back for those in the coming days and weeks, and look for Marvel Comics’ Incoming! in stores in December.


  1. Look, I just hope they move away from an MCU- reflected Marvel Universe. I’m a bit sick of reading characters that are used in comics because of MCU interpretations. Subjective judgment, but It’s all a bit underwhelming when I see MCU influence over and above what an artist could bring. Do something zany

    A reading of a glimpse of Eternity: some dude got lost in the Dimension of Manifestations, was stuck there, saw Eternity and couldn’t cope with it. Nuh, too literal – or is it? (crappy anyway)

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