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Marvel has announced it is turning to radio to advertise its Marvel NOW! initiative. This follows in the footsteps of DC’s use of cable TV ads for things like the New 52 and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. DC’s TV campaigns have generally been considered successful in getting the word out; radio doesn’t seem as natural a medium for comics but…well, it is a good attempt.

It’s worth noting that radio is a fairly cheap advertising medium, as is, surprisingly, some cable TV. Local cable is dirt cheap—so cheap that some comics shops use it.

At any rate, for many years we’ve bemoaned the lack of advertising for comics. Clearly, we need something new to bemoan.

Turn up those dials because Marvel NOW! is hitting the airwaves as Marvel Entertainment is pleased to announce nationwide radio advertising in support of the blockbuster new launches hitting throughout this year and next! Exciting new radio spots for Uncanny Avengers, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, All-New X-Men, Indestructible Hulk, Thor: God of Thunder, Captain America and more will be featured nationwide during top programs including “Fox Sports”, “Jim Rome,” “Nikki Sixx”, “Petros & Money” & “Opie & Anthony”.
“We’re excited to bring Marvel NOW! to millions of new readers nationwide through advertising during the biggest radio programs,” explained David Gabriel, SVP Sales, Marvel Entertainment.  “We’re spending more money on comic book marketing than ever in Marvel’s history to make sure that, in addition to publicity with major media outlets and top comic sites, there’s a strong mass consumer awareness of all our great new launches, from Uncanny Avengers to All New X-Men to Superior Spider-Man.”
With Marvel’s continued commitment to reaching fans new and lapsed, this Marvel NOW! will be sure to reach more fans than ever before!


  1. Weak! Radio, why even bother and there a bit late to promote Uncanny Avengers and Deadpool. This is so half-assed compared to the n52. they are making decisions that don’t make any sense.

    The quality of the books so far has been extremely disappointing. The whole thing should have been handled better.

  2. Radio? Good move.
    Older people listen to it, and sometimes the young will too.

    I am sure Marvel did their homework with this: there are tons of stats available as to what station, what time to run the ads, and so on. It’s mass marketing strategy 101. Brand awareness can be created in new readers. Yay.

  3. “It’s worth noting that radio is a fairly cheap advertising medium, as is, surprisingly, some cable TV.”

    Actually, radio is about as cheap as you can get. TV and movies require sets, or CGI, costuming, lighting, etc. On the radio, all you have to say is “Well, here we are … on the moon!”

  4. I remember hearing Marvel murmur they would do national advertising like DC when they announced NOW! No wonder they wouldn’t go into specifics “we’ll launch a radio campaign four weeks in” sounds pretty weak because it is. The reason radio is cheap is because it doesn’t reach as many consumers/have as much effect these days – spend a bit more, you’ll reach a lot more people.
    Do Marvel have no faith in their product, or is Ike determined to see his lowest possible overhead no matter what/zero reinvestment business philosophies through to the bitter end?
    The sad part is, if they put some cash behind it, there would be advertising firms tripping over themselves to advertise Marvel Comics – they’ve got the current biggest movie properties! It’s an account any advertising firm would love.

    (I think I saw more web based ads for AvX than I have for NOW!)

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