As mentioned earlier, I’ve been on a deadline and haven’t had time to jump all over breaking industry news, but that worked out just fine in the case of the disappearing Marvel Swimsuit Issue update. It seems artists Kris Anka and Kevin Wada posted some images of what would be a NEW Marvel Swimsuit issue, updating the strangest comic of the 90s with a much needed new look at lycra and tencel. The initial pin-ups of some lissome lads were tasty, but the women had not even been drawn when the project had been KILLED. KILLED DEAD, taking with it the hopes and dreams of a thirsty nation.

The swimsuit book would have been a total of 52 illustrations, split evenly amongst male and female characters. We just hadn’t finished any of the women yet. (You can actually dig up a WIP by Kevin of his Storm piece, and I was well on my way with a Carol Danvers and Mystique piece.)

So yeah that was the storyline. And the art.

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BUT NOW, Anka has clarified that this was only a project he and Wada were working on to PITCH, and it was their idea to scrap it. So it wasn’t the beast that killed beauty, but just artists losing interest.

To which I can only say, Marvel HAVE YOU SEEN THE OUTCRY FOR THIS PROJECT? Have you seen Andrew Wheeler’s trembling hands? Can you not see that the world needs more superheroes and heroines at the beach? Because the beach is healthy.

It is time.


  1. The original was good at the time because it truly had the top talent at Marvel at the time. I bought all of them. It’s nice to have one book to point at and see what range of art styles Marvel had at the time. Too bad they nixed this

  2. As a queer activist and long time comic fan, I really appreciated the attempt at some beefcake, which I know for a fact would have sold well at our store in Toronto.

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