All six of Marvel’s Dawn of X titles haven’t yet premiered, and the publisher is already adding books to the line-up. We already know there’s a Wolverine solo title coming next year, plus a series focused on Moira X, as well as undisclosed wave 2 books by writers like Vita Ayala and Leah Williams. Today the lineup grew by two, as Marvel announced a new Giant-Size X-Men series, as well as an X-Men/Fantastic Four miniseries focused on Franklin Richards. The announcements came at MCM London Comic Con.

Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1

X-architect Jonathan Hickman will write and rotating artists will illustrate Giant-Size X-Men. The new series of one-off stories will feature solo adventures and team-ups for characters from Marvel’s stable of mutants. The first issue, Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost, will be illustrated by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson, and feature Jean and Emma working together to rescue Storm from undisclosed danger.

No information was provided regarding how long each issue of Giant-Size X-Men will be, or how much they’ll cost; if they’re anywhere near the 68-page length of the original Giant-Size X-Men #1 from 1975, I’d guess it’ll likely be an $8 book.

X-Men/Fantastic Four #1

The other title, X-Men/Fantastic Four, is a four-issue miniseries by Chip ZdarskyTerry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson. Details on just what the series is about are scant, but the publisher did reveal that the series follows up on a scene from House of X #1 in which the Fantastic Four encounter Cyclops—a scene which ends with Scott telling them Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue and an omega-level mutant, has an open invitation to come join his fellow mutants on Krakoa.

From HOUSE OF X #1

The confrontation also ended with Sabretooth in the custody of the Fantastic Four; he was later retrieved in House of X #3 by Emma Frost, who essentially extradited him back to Krakoa to face justice there. That justice came in the form of the living island basically swallowing him up and placing him in stasis.

Zdarsky, who has previously written the Fantastic Four separately and together in Marvel Two-in-One, said the series is about “the family you have and the family you choose,” and called it a “conceptual sequel” to the ’80s X-Men vs. The Fantastic Four series.

The addition of these two new X-titles to an already-full slate of mutant content is both exciting and worrisome; exciting because the X-Men books are better now than they have been in years, and the new status quo is one that’s bursting with potential; and worrisome because, at some point, a saturation point will be reached and the level of quality will start to dip. Given the talent behind these two books that’s unlikely to begin here, but it’s something of which Marvel should likely be wary.

Look for both Giant-Size X-Men and X-Men/Fantastic Four in stores next year.


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