Marvel have revealed what their ‘X-Termination’ teaser image is all about: a crossover storyline between X-Treme X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, and Age of Apocalypse. Spinning around the fact that there are currently a series of different Wolverines being used right now (along with a couple of Nightcrawlers) the story will be a cross-dimensional adventure between the three books. There will be an opening and closing one-shot, with each series crossing over for one issue, for a total story in five parts.

CBR have interviewed Marjorie Liu about her side of the story in Astonishing X-Men, which will be drawn by Matteo Buffagani. The essence of the story will revolve around Age of Apocalypse’s Nightcrawler – last seen on the run in the current arc of Uncanny X-Force – attempting to get back to his homeworld, now he’s killed the men who betrayed him. With the ‘regular’ Wolverine on her team, it looks like things will be getting very personal for the team-members of Astonishing X-Men. Also, Gambit will be reunited with Sage, which is secretly the most exciting thing about this part of the story.

Newsarama spoke with David Lapham about his side of the story in Age of Apocalypse, which the article suggests will be drawn by Roberto De La Torre. In this interview, we get a little more of a look into how the teams will mingle together, as well as the structure of the story. Lapham will write an ‘Alpha’ issue starting things in March – as is standard for Age of Apocalypse-based storylines – to set up the crossover, before ending with an Omega issue in April. There’s no details here about what it’ll be like when Sage meets up with Jean Grey, although early speculation suggests that it’ll be one of the most exciting things about this story.

Nobody seems to have interviewed Greg Pak yet. Poor old Greg Pak.


  1. I’m guessing this will wrap up both X-treme X-Men and AoA. It could be an end for Astonishing also because although sales are decent, for an X-Men team book they are pretty awful.

  2. @ Mesektet – here’s hoping. Marvel has a great X-Men book (Wolverine and the X-Men) and a pretty good one (All-New), getting rid of some of the dead weight would help rehab the line.

  3. I am so glad that this crossover story involves X-titles I do not buy!

    I still buy 3 or 4 others, of course…

  4. “Also, Gambit will be reunited with Sage, which is secretly the most exciting thing about this part of the story.” –> And here’s plenty of reason to buy the x-over, if it doesn’t happen I’ll be mighty pissed-off.

  5. “Like Sabretooth, she was apparently rescued, revived, or separated, as she was later seen helping Dazzler and an alternate reality Wolverine rescue a kid version of Nightcrawler from the robots of yet another alternate reality.”

    And now “Gambit will be reunited with Sage”… it’s about time

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