As comics evolve, new business models evolve, and here’s one that’s pretty simple and pretty smart and potentially much more: Lounak is a new mini distributor for artist edition books, self-published work, and other one-offs for cartoonists Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Karl Kerchl. The site just launched with this line-up but we’re told that more artists will be added as the kinks are worked out. Serge LaPointe and Fabrice Forestier are running the business end.

The site just launched and you can find Cloonan’s minis, limited editions of the Abominable Charles Christian, and Belangers Black Church on sales, along with t-shirts. Perhaps something on your gift list?

While the modern cartoonist had been forced by chance to become a one-person marketing/sales/distribution center, as more creators get large enough profiles, we expect more of these kinds of service companies to spring up as being a middle man becomes more economically viable.


  1. The Plus Side: You don’t have to go through Diamond or other major distributors and these creator owned distribution centers will have more niche distribution.

    Down side(more like questions): capacity, how much can they handle? Will they cater mostly to their aesthetic cousins(i.e. imagine if Flight were a distribution center will they only distribute Post-disney-miyazaki- manga-illustration styled comics)? Will there be any Quality Control?

    Either way smart move. Fabrice and Serge, best of luck.

  2. Just want to inform you that Lounak Distribution is handling since a little the Assassin’s Creed franchise books and Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith own imprints!

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