It’s the goal of any mobile game developer to bring the new hot game to market, but in the case of developer Kabam’s latest update to Marvel Contest of Champions, they took that a bit too literally.

After version 19.0 of the mobile game was released earlier this month, people playing Contest of Champions on iOS devices noticed that the game was causing their iPhones and iPads to severely overheat. The game is causing iPhones and iPads to get so hot that the device’s screen goes black with a white spinning wheel as the device itself shuts the game down to avoid damaging the hardware of the system.

The dreaded Wheel of Death players see when their device crashes.


Players of the game are understandably worried that the overheating caused by the game may be causing permanent damage to the battery, motherboard or other vital components of their iOS devices. This issue does not affect Android users.

A player who contacted Apple Support and then posted the conversation to the Marvel Contest of Champions subreddit was told by the Apple Support Specialist “If an application is known to overheat the device by the developer after an extended period, I would recommend using the application for a less extensive period or not at all.”

Last week, the developer of the game, Kabam, put out a call for players to apply to beta test a new version of the game, hoping to eradicate this overheating issue. While applications for the test group have since closed, it is unknown at this time if Kabam has released the beta version to the test group or if Kabam has figured out a solution to the problem.


  1. It’s been going on for 15 days now. There have been zero announcements in game, and limited responses on the forum. People are literally killing their iPhones trying to continue gameplay.

  2. Correct Peter.
    No updates have been shared with the players after the beta test announcements.
    Although I can understand the difficulties to discover the issue inflicting iOS users and put in place a counter measure, I can’t accept that we (their customers) are left without any communications and indications.
    We can’t play. I w’ont play for damaging my phone.
    Is this the beggining of the end for Kabam/McoC or just the worst release update ever?

  3. Maybe next article should be how Apple is inconsistently issuing refunds for this issue which continues on

  4. The only thing that is worse than the update is Kabam’s communication regarding any fixes.

    Luckily, I have an old iPhone 6 that is I’m continuing to play on. Gameplay, however, is now reduced to maybe 30 minutes per day-it’s better for me, than the previous 2-3 hours per day (longer on the weekend), but is most likely no good for the company.

    In addition, this is driving the Alliance nature of the game apart-people are being forced to quit, not because they don’t like the game but because they don’t have the spare money for a new device.

    And the article is wrong-this is not limited to iOS devices. It’s hitting Android devices, just not at the same rate.

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