D23, Disney’s own proprietary fan access, media blowout event is coming this weekend. It’s Disney’s own little Comic-Con and they typically save some big announcements for it. It’s only held every other year, and this time out there WILL be a Marvel announcement, as shown by this teaser and the caption:

This weekend, only at the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts pavilion during the D23|Expo 2013– ask for something WEIRD and get your first look at an all new project coming from Marvel & Disney!

Our guess: they’ll be announcing one of their mystery movies, and maybe it’s Doctor Strange?



  1. Seems unlikely that they’d announce a new movie:
    1). this soon (Marvel’s slate of announced films already stretches to the end of 2015).
    2). In the theme park section of the expo.

    No clue what it could be beyond “not a movie,” though. Why are they using a Goosebumps font?

  2. Since the branding doesn’t seem to match any of the upcoming live-action films, could it perhaps be related to the animated Big Hero Six movie? It still seems “weird” that they are making that film…

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