Marvel’s been offering all-you-can-eat access to its digital comics for $69 a year, but they’ve just announced Marvel Unlimited Plus, which adds a new level of perks like special Marvel events at cons and exclusive toys. All for $99 a year. Which is pretty cheap, all things considered.

·         Instant Access To Over 13,000 Digital Comics – Thousands of digital comics for the iPhone®, iPad®, select Android™ devices and the web, so you can jump in on your favorite Marvel adventures, anytime, anywhere.
·         Collectible Plus Member Kit – Age Of Ultron Edition – score a limited edition Hasbro Marvel Legends 6” AU Variant Ultron figure, an exclusive variant copy of Age of Ultron #10 with art by superstar artist Salvador Larroca, a collectible Age of Ultron comics box , and a personalized member card!
·         Benefits and Perks – Access to breaking Marvel news as it goes to major news outlets! Factor in a 15% discount at the Marvel Digital Comics Shop and 10% off discount every day at MarvelStore.com, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the best of what Marvel has to offer.
·         Exclusive Member Con Events – Gain a front-row seat to the Marvel Universe with special events and promotions directly tailored to Marvel Unlimited Plus members! Interact with top Marvel talent at exclusive con events with special exclusive merchandise and other surprises.

Marvel’s Peter Phillips had more to say at USA Today:

According to Phillips, the company has focused on listening to what a lot of customers wanted with Marvel Unlimited but also about extras such as collectibles and members-only benefits.

“We are always trying to align running a business with what our fans are saying,” Phillips says. “We have two cons within a couple months of each other and we’ve got a lot of momentum around what’s happening. So we’re going to be listening. Julia is going to be deluged with emails and following Twitter posts.

“This is a big deal for us. It’s about continuing to make as many changes as we can.”

It’s also a way to repackage existing material in ever expanding ways, a great boon for thrifty Marvel.

Marvel has been ramping up it’s Unlimited app of late, letting you read more comics when not online—increasing from 6 to 12—and other improvements.


  1. Wow. That Looks like a great deal for any Marvel Comics fans. Who can beat having access to 13000 comics and discounts. With the New York Comic Con coming soon it can come in handy for access to special events at the Con.

  2. I have been subscribing to Marvel’s digital service since almost the beginning, and I will give credit where it is due first: Marvel Unlimited has been great. Finally being able to read on an iPad, more and more recent titles on offer, better navigation. They made a big jump since the original Marvel DCU. (Including changing to a better name)

    That said, I worry that this Plus plan offer, which holds no interest to me, is just the first step in getting rid of the $69/yr. price, and raising the price of the service overall. We’ll see. Hopefully not.

  3. David D. Voiced my thoughts as well. I like the service very much.

    I am puzzled by the choice of “bonus” stuff for the extra cash. I don’t want toys, variant comics, con extras, or other memorabilia. That’s why I went digital in the first place. I’d be more enthused about a shirt or coffee mug, personally. The discount is attractive, I guess.

  4. “Factor in a 15% discount at the Marvel Digital Comics Shop ”

    That’s quite tempting. I’ve thought about an Unlimited subscription before but figured it wouldn’t stop me from buying the digital books anyway.

    (Of course, you’d need to buy $670 worth of digital comics a year to make back the entire subscription, but it would off-set the costs a little, at least.)

  5. Tried several times to suscribe (from France). Wouldn’t work, whatever I tried. Online service has been unable to help at all so I gave up and came back to printed comics (except I refuse to pay 4$ for a 20p marvel comics with ads and cheap cover paper so I restrict myself to the 2.99€ titles I like).

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