If you’re like me, and get a little confused by the history of the characters enmeshed in the soap opera of the Marvel U—and don’t have time to listen to Rachel and Miles Xplain the X-men—you may like Marvel 101, a new series of short educational videos that will take out the mystery. Conspiracy theorists will not ether actually you WILL need to keep listening to R&MXX because Marvel 101 does not include mutant or FF characters. In other words it’s the MCU.

Also after watching the Avengers one, it’s more like Marvel Kindergarten but…anyway…videos.

Starting November 23rd, with new episodes made available every Tuesday on Marvel.com and on Marvel’s YouTube page, fans will be introduced to a one minute episode that offers fans a background crash course on a selected Marvel character, storyline, weapon, location and more. It’s your cram session for the Marvel Universe available in a quickly digestible short-form video.

With such a vast catalog of MARVEL 101 content already scheduled for release on a weekly basis, on November 23rd fans will be able to watch the first 20 videos devoted to the following list of Marvel heroes:

• Ant-Man
·         Avengers
• Black Panther
• Black Widow
• Captain America – Steve Rogers
• Captain America – Sam Wilson
• Captain Marvel
• Daredevil
• Doctor Strange
• Guardians of the Galaxy
• Hulk
• Iron Man
• Jessica Jones
• Luke Cage
• Ms. Marvel
• Nova
• S.H.I.E.L.D.
• Scarlet Witch
• Spider-Man
• Thor

Every Tuesday thereafter, MARVEL 101 will further explore the history of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes such as Thor (Jane Foster), Hawkeye, Punisher, Winter Soldier, War Machine, Wasp, Quicksilver, Angela, Venom, and much more!

And here’s the whole playlist:


  1. Good idea. So many people think that getting into Marvel comics is daunting because they don’t know where to start. At least this way, they’ll have an idea about a particular character’s past. Love the cover in this article, by the way. Cool Batroc.

  2. Yeah, Joe C is right, I have seen way better made video by fans, educating way more effectively on Marvel characters.
    It’s so generic they could almost use the same text for every marvel superhero team. Good idea, poorly executed.

  3. I guess we’re long past the days when someone could just pick up a comic book and figure out who the characters were.

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