scooby-doo meets Batman Screenie 4

In an interview with Comics Alliance, editor Mark Doyle confirmed that he is staying with DC Comics in their move to the new offices in Burbank. Doyle is an editor for the Batman titles at DC.

I’m happy to say yes, I’m going to be continuing as the Batman group editor and I will be relocating to Burbank.

The editor has been responsible for some big shifts in the Batman line that have led to positive critical reception for several titles, as well as some strong sellers with books like Batman Eternal and Harley Quinn.

The philosophy, as you put it, was to try to reach different audiences by trying to make different types of books within the Bat line. I feel like, myself, and as a company, there were more audiences out there that we weren’t reaching. The idea was to try and reach out to people and put some bait out there and see if those audiences that we think are out there actually are out there.

Also confirmed in this interview, is the news that Batman Eternal is coming back for a second year:

We are going to be doing it again next year, but there’s going to be a break in between this season and next season.

Doyle teased that there could be more Bat books featuring up-and-coming characters:

The short answer, honestly, is stay tuned.

We can’t say too much right now. I will say that there are some characters that we haven’t seen yet, and some who are definitely out there walking around who I think are ready for the spotlight, and we’re ready to shine it on them.

The million dollar question is: What’s next for the Bat family in 2015? The interview doesn’t give a definitive answer, there are only a couple hints in the quotes above. All fans can do is patiently wait for solicitations and the next couple of announcements from DC.