Cartoonist MariNaomi is starting a database of cartoonists of color (COC) and you can upload your details as explained in the link. There’s a FAQ:

What is a Cartoonist of Color?
Cartoonists of Color (COC) is a play off of the acronym “POC.” POC stands for “person of color.” A POC is anyone who identifies as non-Caucasian (non-white). In these forthcoming pages, you’ll find comics creators of various ethnicities: African American, Korean Canadian, Indian Singaporian, Turkish American, Iranian British, Japanese American and so many more. 

Why a Cartoonists of Color Database?
For visibility. For academia. For inspiration. For community building.

How can I submit my info to this database?
To submit a creator (yourself or anyone), please fill out this form.


  1. Is there some kind of edict in existence that proclaims that Caucasians are the rulers of the comic book industry creating universe?

    Where are the entries for Jewish creators? German-Irish? Russian Germans? etc, etc;

    Or immigrants for that matter? Such as British Americans, German Americans, Russian Americans – in fact, anyone without a green card or a legal right to work in the USA is encouraged, ESPECIALLY IN LOS ANGELES to get a driver’s license.

    If you’re going to do a data base on ethnic creators – MAKE sure you include all ethnicities and not just those based on the color of their skins.

    Least we all get accused of racism- as the current world state of affairs reflects.



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