Mariko Tamaki will take over DC Comics’ twice-monthly Wonder Woman title starting in June, with artwork by Mikel Janin and covers by David Marquez, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Tamaki’s run will start with Wonder Woman #759, which is due out June 10. According to the THR report, the new story line for Diana Prince will see her battling people’s expectations for Wonder Woman. It will also see the return of classic Wonder Woman foe, Maxwell Lord, who (not coincidentally) is also one of the villain’s in this year’s forthcoming film, Wonder Woman 1984.

Tamaki is a big get for a DC Comics monthly superhero book. She has previously worked with the publisher’s characters on the four-part prestige miniseries, Supergirl: Being Super, which was a collaboration with artist Joelle Jones, as well as last year’s Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass YA OGN, which was a collaboration with artist Steve Pugh.

Her First Second-published coming-of-age romance OGN last year, Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me (which was a collaboration with artist Rosemary Valero O’Connell), netted all kinds of awards and was universally praised as one of the best comics of the year by nearly every outlet that weighs in on such matters.

“Writing for comics is pretty much a dream job full stop,” Tamaki said in a statement published by THR. “It’s pretty fricking cool. Wonder Woman was the hero I grew up with, she was my little-kid-living-room cosplay. I have always wanted a golden lasso and an invisible jet and I feel like now, writing Wonder Woman, I’m one step closer.”

In addition, Wonder Woman #759 will have a card stock variant cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams, while Wonder Woman #760 (due out June 24) will have a card stock variant from Joshua Middleton.

Both of the covers by Marquez as published by THR can be found below…

Mariko Tamaki

Mariko Tamaki




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