MARCH made it to Maddow last night, as Rep. John Lewis, co-writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell appeared on the Rachel Maddow show for a full 10 minute segment which you can watch here:

Montgomery-StoryMaddow, who is a regular graphic novel reader, showed love for Powell and the whole project and also mentioned Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story, the 1957 comic which inspired Lewis as a boy to get involved in the civil rights movement. She met the March crew when they all appeared at the Kentucky Author Forum, which you can watch here.

Maddow has featured a few graphic novels on her show before, but this is the most extensive segment yet.

Since the segment, March has peaked at #12 on Amazon. And in the collect footnote ever, Top Shelf has just released a digital version of THE MONTGOMERY STORY, which they are bundling with the digital version of March. Sounds like a great way to help younger readers learn about American history to us.


  1. It’s great to see high profile shows like Maddow’s, The Daily Show, Colbert Report etc. get behind the graphic novel category. The more we see great books like The March, the stronger the credibility for using comics as the brilliant story-telling device that we know it to be.
    Major kudos for Chris and Brett for publishing another great book and to Leigh Walton for bustin his tail to create an awesome publicity campaign. Great books happen all the time but it takes a great team effort to make sure the world knows about it.

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