Marvel Comics has released a new teaser for the upcoming Marauders #1 that sheds a bit more light on the role one of its characters will be playing. The series, by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli, features a team of mutants who travel the world protecting others of their kind.

Marauders #1 Teaser

The new teaser image features one of those mutants, Kitty Pryde, having a conversation with Emma Frost, with a tagline of “An Offer You Can’t Refuse…” The nature of that offer is likely related to spoilers that were uncovered by our own super-sleuth Samantha Puc yesterday (which I won’t reveal here for those who are avoiding them).

We’ve known Kitty would be a member of the Marauders since all six “Dawn of X” series were announced back at San Diego Comic Con. Her role in the series, though, appears to be more complicated than just acting as leader to a team which also includes Iceman, Bishop, Storm, Pyro, and Emma Frost herself.

Marauders #1 is due out digitally and in stores on October 23rd.

Marauders #1
Marauders #1

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