Steelehouse Digital has recreated the Man of Steel trailer in Minecraft, and it looks great. While I was googling for more information about this trailer, I discovered two OHER Man of Steel Minecraft railers…which aren’t as good, but I guess hit is as good a hobby as any, right?

An actual new Man of Steel trailer was also released.

This one focused on Kal-El’s relationship with his father, played by Russell Crowe.


There was also a profile os Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and his takes on the characters in the by Dave Itzkoff in the NY Times this weekend. Thankfully it does not dwell on how important this movie is for the studio blah blah. Instead it discusses how hard it is to adapt this super good character in an interesting way.

It is strange that Superman, the smiling, soaring Moses-Jesus hybrid who ushered in the era of superhero comics, should be struggling at the multiplexes in an age when every other studio movie seems to feature a man in a cape, a mask with pointy bat-ears or a high-tech suit of iron. The qualities that have made Superman timeless have not necessarily made him relevant to this particular time, with its roster of ironic and loudly violent protagonists, but it was this paradox that made Mr. Snyder eager to take him on in “Man of Steel.”

“He’s a really cool mythological contradiction,” said Mr. Snyder, who is still boyish and scruffy at 47. “He’s incredibly familiar Americana and alien, exotic, bizarroland, but beautifully woven together.”

He added: “All of us, in a weird way, are that same kind of contradiction — no one’s that simple.”

Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan and co-conspirator David Goyer have decided to focus on Superman’s alien nature, which sounds promising.

For what it’s worth, I finaly went to see Star Trek yesterday and saw many of the big CGI movie trailers, and Man of Steel looked by far the best. For one thing, it did not destroy New York. For another, it did not feature endless scenes of CGI critters storming towns and aircraft. It far outclassed the trailers for Thor: The Dark World and The Wolverine because those are such familiar, formularized films by now. The score is also excellent. Plus, it must be said, Zack Snyder is quite a visually interesting storyteller, and he knows how to make super things look super. Finally, Henry Cavill: thumbs way up. So yeah, feeling good about that.


§ Spider-Man 2 is filming around New York and shots of Aleksei Sytsevichin what appears to be the pre-CGI rig for The Rhino were snapped.

§ Longer promos for AGENTS OF SHIELD have been showing up every time you turn on ABC. Here’s the collection of them.


  1. I wasn’t impressed with the Dark Man of Dark Steel: Dark Origins of Darkness preview when I saw it in theatres. I was more impressed with Despicable 2. Let’s compare and discuss:

    Man of Steel: Rebooting The Franchise.
    Dark costumes, dark backgrounds, serious angst, bus plunges, brooding boffo box-office actors but no one from Smallville, the successful 10 year TV series: hello??

    Despicable 2: funny, character driven, cute, colourful, energetic, flying cars, spy villians.

  2. The repeated use of General Zod demonstrates the problems of writing a one-shot movie appearance for Superman. How do you write a character-driven story for someone who has nowhere to go, and simultaneously make the story entertaining for several age groups?

    If the story was written for adults, the writer could do various things with Superman; if it was written for kids, what the writer did with him wouldn’t matter much. Demanding that he be written for kids and adults puts the writer in a difficult, if not impossible-to-escape, bind.

    Targeting a story at a specific age group greatly affects the interpretation of a character. Wolverine, written for kids, and Wolverine, written for adults, aren’t the same character.


  3. Perhaps Warner should just get Bruce Timm and Paul Dini to write and direct a SUPERMAN movie. They didn’t have any problems coming up with storylines and villains for the animated series. And that series is fun … something which all future Superman movie are apparently destined NOT to be …

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