Hey gang, it’s time for another round of spoilers from Magic: the Gathering‘s latest expansion, Dominaria. Here’s what you’ve missed since we left off.


Karn’s been through a lot for a golem. Blessed with a Planeswalker spark, Karn is one of the oldest characters in Magic the Gathering‘s lore. He’s been through wars, created a world and seen it corrupted, and now he’s here to change history on Dominaria.

For a deep dive into Karn’s past, check out Gathering Magic’s excellent writeup on the character.

Kick some titans in the rear

One of the marquee game mechanics of Dominaria is Kicker, a popular mechanic that has been featured in numerous Magic expansions before this one. Kicker gives you, the player, more flexibility in how you play certain spells. You can cash in for an immediate advantage now, but if you pay an additional cost, you can get an even greater effect.

In the case of the two behemoth-sized creatures below, kicking these bad boys gives them a HUGE amount of extra oomph.

Remember the Titans

Today, Wizards’ official site revealed a cycle of “spell-lands,” land cards that can be sacrificed to trigger special abilities. These Memorials recall powerful legends from Dominaria’s past, showcasing the influence they have on the plane even now.

The Goblins keep rousin’

Yesterday players were stunned to discover a tournament favorite, Siege-Gang Commander, was returning in Dominaria. And what’s better than an army of Goblins? Having a Goblin Warchief to make your army in a can hit your opponent faster.

Sage of Lat-Nam, divest, and Ghitu Chronicler

Seal Away & Dauntless Bodyguard