For the past two years Papercutz, the young reader imprint of Mad Cave Studios, has been publishing the Magical History Tour series. The graphic novels follow a pair of kids, Nico and Annie, as they travel through time and learn about significant historical figures and events. Now the series is set to tackle one of the most important scientists in history with Magical History Tour Vol. 13 – Marie Curie: A Life in Science. The latest installment of the series is written by Fabrice Erre and illustrated by Sylvain Savoia.

Here’s how Papercutz describes Marie Curie: A Life in Science:

Who was Marie Curie? Learn about the renowned chemist and Nobel Prize winner with modern-day kids, Annie and Nico. Join them as they go back in time and roam around the globe, learning about the noble French-Polish woman that furthered the sciences and discovered radium. Strap on your goggles and remember lab safety! What will readers learn with Annie and Nico today?

The new graphic novel is the thirteenth entry in the Magical History Tour series. Other books have featured topics including The Great Wall of China, Gandhi, The Titanic, the Moon landing, Albert Einstein, and The Crusades. As Papercutz describes the series:

The MAGICAL HISTORY TOUR series  is a fun, educational journey through various different time periods and events as modern day kids Annie and Nico explore various facets of our history and how they affect us today, teaching about these topics in fun, easy-to-follow ways. From The Great Pyramid to The Great Wall of China, each volume presents a new exciting topic for Annie and Nico to explore in a fun-sized format.

Look for the 48-page Magical History Tour Vol. 13 – Marie Curie: A Life in Science to arrive in stores on Tuesday, October 10th. Hoopla subscribers can also read all of the previous twelve volumes in the series right now thanks to their local public library.