As I’ve said previously, I’ve more or less tapped out on these Marvel-Netflix shows in the wake of Iron Fist and The Defenders, neither of which I could really make much headway in. I still plan on dropping in on The Punisher perhaps, given the praise of some our readership here, once I find about 13 free hours anyway, and I’m certain at some point Hannah and I will both sit down for at least a little bit of the second season of Jessica Jones – given by and large, that first season was probably the most successful of these.

I have a much more difficult relationship with the Luke Cage series…I thought the first half of that initial season was one of the best things that Marvel Television had produced, but its second half dropped the ball in a fashion that made my head spin.

At the very least, much like the aforementioned Jessica Jones, it still had that initial burst of thematic meat on which to chew, and Cheo Hodari Coker is one of their few showrunners in which I have some faith in his ability to unearth some material that plays well into present day concerns. The below trailer seems to indicate that at least the rather iconic “bullet-proof black man” imagery from last season will endure especially:

I might watch this, I do like Mustafa Shakir on The Deuce a good deal, and he’s here as John McIver aka the Netflix version of Bushmaster.

At some point I just wonder what the diminishing returns are for Netflix with these series. What used to be a huge promotional blitz is now basically a trailer release and then a full season dump, and then they move on. It seems like something needs to shake all this up. Perhaps a new set of series outside of the Defenders milieu? That might at least revitalize some interest here among the fanbase that seems pretty muted these days.

Were I running things, I’d probably just do first seasons of new heroes every single year and never bother with a second, worming my way around the C-list Marvel catalog that’ll never make the big screen. It’d probably be horrible, but we’d be at Speedball by now at least!


  1. I liked Iron Fist a lot and really enjoyed Defenders.

    Defenders picked up a lot of threads from the different series’ but my favorite was introduced in Iron Fist and expanded on in Defenders: Danny Rand’s super power is making friends. :)

    Also, I thought Luke Cage finished strong, but hey. To each their own.

  2. Speedball should join the Defenders, just for a change in tone. They could all practice on Robbie without harming Robbie

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