New logo, new attitude. BOOM! Studios has recently rebranded themselves with a new logo and publisher Ross Richie and VP of Publishing and Marketing Filip Sablik have a long interview at CBR talking about where they are going. Short version: it’s not all Adventure Time.

Sablik: I think on a very fundamental level, our core values and strategy hasn’t changed. But the company continues to evolve and really level up. Mike Carey doing “Suicide Risk” is an evolution from where the company was before. And what I can say is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s going to be more creators and more licenses – not bigger ones, per se, but ones of equal caliber that will get the market excited. At the end of the day, everything we do is about expanding and growing the marketplace. That’s something Matt, Ross and myself all really believe in. We want to bring customers into comic shops that have not been there before. We want Mike Carey fans who are fans of his novels to come in and check “Suicide Risk.” The reason we picked “Adventure Time” and produced it with web cartoonists is because that’s a very specific way to bring new people in.

Really, the “We Are BOOM!” campaign is about shining a spotlight and telling people, “These aren’t accidents.” This is very curated and very planned. If you just look at one piece at a time, it seems scattershot, but even the way we role projects out is planned.

I find this interesting because as I noted the other day, the “creator participation” model offered by BOOM!, IDW, Dark Horse, Oni, and a few other companies hasn’t really been making many waves lately. It would be nice to see a company step up to the plate with new stuff, and it’s good to see BOOM! getting involved again. Plus, they have a movie based on one of their books, 2 GUNS, coming out this year, and as we all know, that usually gives things a boost.


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