The Ting Comic and Graphic Arts Festival in London Ontario is yet another of the comic arts festivals (CAFs) springing up around the world. It will be held for a full TWO WEEKS (April 22-May 3) and showcase local artists, from past and present including Seth, Marc Bell, Aaron Costain, Scott Chantler, Willow Dawson, Jessica Desparois, Antony Hare, Jesse Jacobs, Mark Laliberte, Jeff Lemire, Gabrielle Norwicki, David Poolman,Jay Stephens, Diana Tamblyn, and Merle Tingley (Ting).

The show is named after Ting, one of the many Canadian cartooners little known in the States but worthy of more study. Ting was editorial cartoonist for the London Free Press from 1948 – 1986—and the whole fest is planned as an homage to his work and influence.

The festival has a website, linked to above, and now a Tumblr. AND a poster by Jesse Jacobs which will also be available as a t-shirt.